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Kellie's Castle, Ipoh | Malaysia

Kellie's Castle is located near Batu Gajah, and is about 20 minutes' drive from Ipoh.... The unfinished, ruined mansion, was built by a Scottish planter named William Kellie Smith. According to differing accounts, it was either a gift for his wife or a home for his son. The secret tunnels of Kellie's Castle Although it has been abandoned since 1926 the place is still shrouded in mystery and there are rumours that the place is haunted. Kellie's Castle was built by William Kellie Smith, a successful planter in the Ipoh area of Perak. Smith was born on the Kellas Estate in Scotland in 1870, and the name Kellie was actually his mother's maiden name. When he grew up he left Scotland in search of the rich life he had dreamt of, and ended up in Malaya. In those days there was money to be made as a planter or tin miner. Smith ended up working with a rubber planter called Alma Baker. Baker was involved with clearing forests and making roads for the govern