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Broga - Semenyih , Malaysia

  A half day trip to Broga , We make a move from Petaling Jaya to broga at 4AM , normally its gonna takes around 45 minute car ride to reach Broga by using jalan cheras highway interchange to SILK highway the turn on jalan semenyih . after petrol pumping and fetching we reach Broga Around 5AM , Before doing the hiking we wanted to have something to fill our stomach and been looking kopitiam for breakfast in Broga small town , unfortunately there was no kopitiam open at this moment. We drove 15 minute to Lenggeng and just drive pass the border between of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan . Actually we drive all the way looking for any shop open for light breakfast , and we found out Lenggeng have the only one nasi lemak stall that open at 5AM .              Without wasting any time , we stop by sat down have a cup of tea and few packet of nasi lemak . The mak cik was so friendly welcome us by greeting "Selamat Pagi" , we found out that the nasi lemak here was different than what we