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Ocean Groove with Maestro Ning show at SkySymphony, SkyAvenue | Genting Highland | Malaysia

Brand new show at SkySymphony, SkyAvenue – Ocean Groove with Maestro Ning is specially brought to you by Resorts World Genting this school holidays A computer graphic animated magical musical masterpiece featuring Maestro Ning the sea turtle musical genius conducting a deep ocean orchestra in an original composition Genting Malaysia’s CG animated production company, Genting Studios, incorporated to deliver premium and world class content in CG productions, will be premiering its brand new and original production of CG-animated show named Ocean Groove with Maestro Ning at the SkySymphony, SkyAvenue at Resorts World Genting this 19th May, 2018. Mr. Brian Machamer, Senior Vice President of Theme Park at Resorts World Genting said, “We at Resorts World Genting are very excited and proud to be constantly bringing our visitors new and original content to our SkySymphony screens. This school holidays, holiday makers will be awed by Ocean Groove with Maestro Ning. This show is a

Taman Laut Sultan Iskandar | Pulau Tinggi & Pulau Besar | Johor | Malaysia

This time #PROJECTERFP are on vacation to beautiful islands AT Johor again, #PROJECTERFP feel grateful that can collaboration with Tourism Johor and the Malaysian Travel Writing Society (TRAM) makes this trip so awesome and makes a lot new friend during the vacation. This time we go to Mersing Islands, Johor that well  known as Sultan Iskandar Johor Marine Park. Johor National Park showcase more than 100 square kilometres of diverse, natural scenery ready to explore. Located off the coast of Mersing, it is made up of 13 islands in 6 island clusters namely Pulau Tinggi, Pulau Aur, Pulau Pemanggil, Pulau Besar, Pulau Sibu and Pulau Rawa. Also gazetted as a Marine Park, the park is adorned by hill forest structure, mangrove and beach-side forest, apart from being a popular destination amongst divers and sea lovers. Visitor can get to enjoy the beauty of the South China Sea as they stay along the various types of beach accommodation alongside some of the inhabitable islands. Gett

TAd Marine Resort, Pulau Tinggi | Mersing | Johor | Malaysia

TAd Marine Resort Located on the pristine island of Pulau Tinggi in Mersing, Johor, TAd Marine Resort (TMR) is a unique getaway. As the only resort on the island, it boasts an enviable locale, surrounded by the sparkling blue ocean and rolling hills that are covered in lush tropical rainforests. Amidst this idyllic setting, you and your loved ones can frolic in nature and spend endless hours of quality time together. The island white sandy beach is the perfect respite for city folk, who are weary of the hustle and bustle. You can start with a leisurely stroll and let the waves wash gently over your feet. Which beckon visitors to take a swim or go for a snorkel. An enchanting tropical island, Pulau Tinggi is the perfect place to escape from the busy world. Situated 20 nautical miles Southeast of Mersing at the East-Coast of the South China Sea, the island is renowned for its relaxing atmosphere and sheer physical beauty. Though it is a secluded and virtually untouched island, it

Bayu Lestari Island Resort, Pulau Besar | Mersing | Johor | Malaysia

Besar Island is an island in Mersing District, Johor. The island, which is surrounded by Rawa, Sibu and Tinggi Island, is characterised by quiet, clean beaches of powdery white sand and crystal-clear azure waters. To preserve the unspoiled marine life, the Government has gazetted it as a marine park to protect around 60 species of marine life from any activities that can harm their natural habitats within 2 nautical miles (3.7 km) around the island. The island's highest point rises some 845 feet (258 m) above the sea level. Rich hues of wild vegetation are dappled throughout with the lush greens of the coconut palms and tropical jungles. Mersing jetty is the only gateway to Pulau Besar. Traveling with speedbot takes about 30 minutes to get to Pulau Besar from Mersing Jetty. At the jetty, ferry tickets to Pulau Besar can be bought at the counter. Before boarding, you need to pay for marine park conservation fund. It coasts RM25 for non-Malaysians and RM10 for Malaysi