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The Hiddem Jem In Baling, Kedah

Hey Baling, Who is Baling or Where is Baling. That was My first Question to myself, What do we have In Baling, Kedah. Yes, I'm A Malaysian. I just get to know how awesome is Baling, Don't Laugh at Me, I'm Sure not much Malaysian know about Baling Kedah unless you are from Kedah. My Mind was Blown after Officially visited the Baling district For 5 days 4 Nights into every corner of the place. For those who would like to explore Baling soon or later or you miss out the place when you been to baling, Let's go Get the Informations In this Blog Until to End. Most of it was New place and also featuring some old place tha must visit in Baling, Kedah. To Baling we decided to take ETS from KL Sentral to Sungai Petani, It will take about 4 hours and 5 minutes. You can get some rest before reaching to the destination but for Us is like too excited to be there and we was chatting and laughing all the to Sungai Petani station.  There is a fun fact while ride on the train, we was cro

Dima Garden, A Place Where you Need to be when you are in Baling, Kedah

DIMA Garden is located exactly at kuala ketil, Baling. The staycation was just opened on August 2023, Fresh new Place to visit with Activities. This room type is Cengal, build up design following traditional malay kampung houses. Even the interior and exterior using those days pattern and you can see the on off switch really old school. Air conditioned with Queen size bed, clean and comfortable. Hot bath water heater and clean toilet bowl. As always, DIMA Garden provides a swimming pool that can make them want to play in the water. There are another two types of room options, The capsule and Akasia. Some rooms face the pool and some don't. The DIMA Stable, A team of experienced horseman is taking care of the welfare of the horses. At the side, There is a paddock for horse training and for those who need lessons. bring along your loved ones and make your way to DIMA Stable to have a wonderful evening. Don't worry if you have no experience riding a horse, they have professional i

Healing at Dusun Tok wak Desa Sentosa, Baling

Dusun Tok Wak Desa Sentosa . A tourism product in the Baling area and it is an Eco Tourism attraction. So for those of you who want an experience different from the others, unique and traditional, Desa Tok Wak is highly recommended! Located in Baling District, more precisely on Jalan Ulu Legong, Dusun Tok wak Desa Sentosa has been established since 2016 and the majority of people who come here are those who like and enjoy activities that involve nature. To get here, you can drive and walk in to the place. But if can, before going to Dusun Tok wak Desa Sentosa, you better make a reservation first if you don't want to be disappointed. let's say for the food preparation if you would to dine there, They are serving Lunch package and Night dinner BBQ package. Pak Long (the owner of this place) will treat you well! Stepping into this Dusun Tok Wak, You have to cross the river first before reaching here. When We arrive, It is Tea-time. And Pak Long have prepared us Kelulut Honey Coffe

The Weng Valley, A Recreation Park in Oil Palm Plantation

An Undiscovered Hidden Gem Found in the middle of Oil Palm Plantation at Felcra Weng, How can you wonder there is a beautiful place In Felcra Weng can makes you a place for Healing. Baling really make me a lot of surprise, I telling the truth. The Weng Valley is located in Felcra Weng as you can see from the map, The village is pin point from main road into a small road and surrounded with Oil Palm Plantation. Once We reach, We are warm welcomed by the Villagers and all the Person In charge of Weng Valley. At the Same time all The mak cik mak Cik are Preparing The local famous baling Kuih Muih. Great Breakfast Ever, Surrounded with Baling Delicacy. Semelit, Know More about Semelit Roti Arab Pek Nga,  Know More about Pek Nga Interesting Stop at Weng Valley, The Lebah Kelulut Farm (Stingless bee). This area was a good place to educate people to know more and closer about Kelulut bees, and to see how they produce and sell Pure Honey from Kelulut bees. Why not Suck out some pure Honey on t