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Villa hantu , Senggigi Lombok

  about 2 km Not far from Senggigi , Villa Hantu sounds like Ghost villa in english , this villa property was belong to an Australian citizen whose construction was stopped because it collided with a building permit . It was been abandon for years and the construction won't be continue anymore , Our tour guide M said that this villa attracted those youngters making love with their partners when the day become dark . when some young lady get pregnant without gets married and without get to know by their parents , their will throw their babies with womb from this villa . Finding This villa hantu is not too difficult because it is located beside of the main road . Precisely in the majors Senggigi , Lombok Utara . If from Gili Trawangan to senggigi then it was located on the right of road . Villa hantu is built on a cliff or hill with views directly out to sea . In the vicinity of Villa existing stalls , where we can buy snacks and drinks while waiting Sunset arrive . The parking lot i

Pantai Mawun, Lombok

  The location of Mawun Beach is really quite hidden also far enough away from the city of Mataram . Travelers have to travel for about two hours by bike to reach the Mawun Beach . The beach is located between two others attraction locations , Selong Belanak Beach and Kuta Beach , Lombok Island have alot of beauty hidden behind the place .  Although the location was quite far and also takes a long journey but you will not regret to see Mawun Beach. Because there are a variety of exotic panorama that you can use around the coastal areas . white Sand beaches typical of the beach on the island of Lombok that you can find here . The beach is clean of trash with clear blue water makes the atmosphere so comfortable . the cool sea breeze and gentle waves in front of you . waves that exist in Mawun is not too large , it is because the beach is in a bay so the big waves won't arrive at the waterfront . However, if you travel to the beach along with children , remember to always keep an eye

Gili Islands Hopping{ Trawangan/Meno/Air}

  The beautiful white sand-lined beaches and clear waters of the Gili Islands have been tempting travelers for decades . This lovely cluster of three islands is a must-visit for anyone traveling to Indonesia . Two times a day the public boats leave to the other two islands . Around 9:30 a.m. the boat leaves Gili Trawangan to the other islands . Later in the afternoon it will return after lunch from Gili Air over Gili Meno back to Trawangan . the prices range We get is 110k (RM36) Include all the snorkeling Equipment . You can get to buy the tickets directly at the harbor (where the boats leave) or otherwise in any travel agency and ticket booth on the islands (but probably you will pay more because of the commission) . Alternatively, you can also get a private boat , which will cost about 190,000 (one way) or 350,000 rupiah (return) . This may be worthwhile if you’re traveling with a group of about 10 people or more . Then you definitely travel more effective and convenient than with t