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Taiping Lake Gardens

  Taiping Lake Gardens is the first public garden established during the British rule in Malaysia. The garden is located near Bukit Larut, and is equidistant to the town centre and the Taiping Zoo . The 64 hectares (160 acres) site was the first public garden in Malaya , There are ten scenic lakes and ponds, which highlight the gardens. Along Residency Road, near the gardens, were golden rain trees planted along the pathway . The streets are shaded by rows of the angsena tree, which at irregular intervals bursts forth into a riot of blossoms, even more yellow than those of the laburnum . The gardens were so striking that they attracted many travelers to write of their beauty . The streets are shaded by rows of the angsena tree , which at bursts forth into a blossoms, even more yellow than those of the laburnum . One cannot claim to have visited Taiping without taking some time in the natural beauty of the Taiping Lake Gardens. Built on top of an abandoned tin mine, the gardens were ope

Matang Mangrove , Kuala Sepetang

  The 40,000-hectare Matang Mangrove Forest was gazetted as a Permanent Forest Reserve in 1906. Today, it is recognized as the best managed sustainable mangrove ecosystem in the world . This mangrove reserve contains rich and diverse wildlife that provide nature lovers to visit and explore its wetlands and resources. Near to this reserve are silvicultural programmes of the Rhizophora, Lenggadai and Seaward berus forests carried out professionally by the Perak State Forestry Department . This is also regarded as the breeding grounds for numerous species of marine crustaceans including crabs, shrimps, lobsters, horseshoe crabs and prawns as well as fishes and shellfishes. Like all mangrove swamps, the Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve has been proven to act as a natural barrier against tsunamis . it is an important site for coastal migratory water birds and a portion of migrant forest birds. As many as 43,000 to 85,000 birds may be seen using the forest during the migration. According to so

Perak Museum, Taiping

  The Perak Museum is a public museum located at the junction of Jalan Muzium (Museum Road) and Jalan Taming Sari (Main Road) in Taiping, Perak, Malaysia . The old day train displayed at Taiping Museum Sabre jet fighter F86 Search Results The bronze statue of Colonel Robert Sandilands Frowd Walker(1850-1917). He has contributed much to Perak, especially Taiping, in his capacity as police chief in public service , and his contribution to sport and local community. He is the founder of Lake Garden, Perak Club(Old Club),New Club(past President), the Esplanade, Perak Turf Club, Perak Cricket Club, the first football team etc. But sad to say, the road named after him in Taiping, was renamed Jalan Temenggong, and only Jalan Walker in Pokok Assam remained named after him.This did not give credit to a historical figure who has given his best to Taiping and well liked by local people. He died in office during the great war(WW1) in 1917, as the commandant of Alexander Palace POW Camp in London.