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Ipoh-Perak | Malaysia

I'm a Ipoh Lang!! Ipoh Mali , Ipoh Ipoh Mali!! I'm Been Born At Hospital Besar Ipoh And Been Raise In a Busiest Town In Malaysia,kuala Lumpur...... I'm From 80's(八十后) From Being A Baby Till 10 Years Me And Parents Been Staying And Studying In KL.... When I Was 11,We Move Back To Hometown(IPOH) And Continue Our Living But I Back To Town When I Was 15 Years Old........ Normally I Will Go Back My Hometown 4 To 5 Time A Year To Visit My Parent,At This Moment I Always Will Take a  Opportunity  To Find,Try And Taste All The Delicious Food Along The Highway To Ipoh .... Let Me Tell U All Some History Of Ipoh : Ipoh, the capital city of Perak State, Malaysia, is the city that tin built. Located at the famous tin mining area, Kinta Valley, it used to be the world's largest tin mine since 19th century. Not only of its tin mine, but Ipoh also famous of its delicious food, beautiful mountain ranges, mysterious lime stone caves, attractive history & friendly citize