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Nasuha Spices and Herbs Paradise , | Malaysia

Nasuha Herbs & Spices Paradise in Johor is a plantation that produces up to 108 types of herbs and spices . Spanning 3200 acres, it the largest plantation of herbs and spices in Asia . Nasuha provide one hour tour to show their herbs plantation There are many activities for visitors to choose from at this farm , but the main feature here is of course its namesake , herbs & spices . Visitors can go on guided tours of different packages tours generally include a briefing on herbs & spices , providing basic information on these plants before proceeding to herbs garden , a garden herbarium , herbs gallery . The farm , given its large space , also provides outdoor activities to those who are more adventurous . Upon booking , visitors can participate in jungle trekking and night walk , camping trips at the plantation grounds , abseiling , canoeing . Thanks to Aini that guide us and explain everything in Nasuha Spices and Herbs Paradise , We extract a lot o

One Night At Kampung Sagil Homestay | Malaysia

The word of "Homestay" is common among us while going vacation , as we all know booked a fully furnished and staying without owners but at Kampung Sagil are totally different . We spend the night at this homestay with Foster family and this was first time experience while learn much more activity happening in the village , our Foster family warmly welcome us to their home and take good care of us .  During the Evening before dawn , Foster Family and villagers bring us to the river stream and showed us how to net fish . I did't do the netting but my bros went down to try out on action , Fish netting are villages daily acivities here to add dishes on their dinner too . The result we get from netting This Foster family home are not same like those luxury homestay , with a ceiling fan without air conditioner but It was cooling during the night because surrounding with nature . Authentic dishes that cooked by our Foster Mummy for dinner , Fried Kampong Chick

Gunung Ledang National Park | Malaysia

Gunung Ledang National Park lies just inside Johor's border with Melaka state , from the small town of Tangkak District, Johor, Malaysia . The fabled Mount Ophir, now called Gunung Ledang (Mount Ledang) . Gunung Ledang is Malaysia's 64th highest mountain and the 6th most difficult to climb . It is the highest mountain in Johor stateand its accessible location , being only a couple of hours drive from both Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, means that it is one of the most popular and frequently climbed mountains in Malaysia . It is a 5 to 6 hour energetic hike to the summit for a reasonably fit person and there are some steep rocky faces to negotiate with the aid of ropes . Accidents happen and there have been some fatalities which is why it is compulsory to engage a guide from the Ranger's office . There are various legends pertaining to the mountain involving a magical princess, gold and silver deposits, the famous warrior Hang Tuah and more. It is regarded as a spir