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Kuching-Sarawak | Malaysia

Kuching, officially the  City of Kuching , and formerly the  City of Sarawak ,  is the capital and most populous city of the  East Malaysian  state of  Sarawak . we take flight from LCCT to takes 1 hour  45 minute flight...when we reach of my fren family members come and fetch us from airport to home...much thanks to them too.. I went there for 5 DAY 4 nitez,my fren invite me to their hometown during chinese new year...stay and live at my fren place,their parent are nice and friendly...welcome us wit warm heart....full of laughter when we sit down and chit chat.... AFTER we sit down at home for 1 hour from airport...we cant wait anymore to go out for grab  KOLO MEE ....!!! I forget to eat  KUEH CHAP  in this trip...huhu KAM PUA MEE KUCHING CURRY LAKSA KOLO MEE BELACAN BIHUN Another day dinner,my fren's dad cook a homemade CURRY LAKSA ,HE almost spend 2 hours to prepare the meal...we wait at kitch