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Rumah Bonda@Bonda Valley, Batang Kali

Bonda Valley by Bonda Rozita is a unique accommodation owned by the Founder of Sendayu Tinggi Herbal Health Products & Jamu Ratu Malaya, Rozita Ibrahim, which features a modern traditional concept and the structure of the accommodation, most of the residential units are made of forest wood.  Rumah Bonda is located in the Rumah Hutan Terapi Alam area and very close to Warung Bonda Rumah Hutan Terapi Alam. Accommodation at Rumah Hutan is ideal for those who want to enjoy the beauty of nature from the top of a peaceful hill. For visitors who love the concept of a contemporary classic modern residence, the Rumah Bonda may be one of your options. All types of lodging make Bonda Valley look more classic and elegant than other luxury inns out there. In addition, the Accommodation Location at Rumah Hutan is also very close to the Treatment Center, Massage, and SPA. The Forest House provides a wide selection of holistic meditation and Spa treatment packages. More information can