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Hatyai | Thailand

Get a nap in Bus Me and My family was planing to go Hat Yai by bus with a gang of 24 person include me ....  When you think of hat yai, you will think of Lee Garden plaza, central mall.. It's a shopping heaven for most people!  If you don't compare with the quality, everything there were so cheap! We went for three days two night staying at Pink Lady Hotel, let's start with my first ever trip to Hatyai mommy planned to come here since half a year ago....6 hours journey from Ipoh that include 4 R&R Stop. I have done many researches regarding Hatyai before we went there so that we know what to do, where to go and what to eat and also most importantly the cost of it all.  people always get dumbfounded whenever they heard about this place.  Hat Yai (หาดใหญ่) or Hat Yai belongs to Songkhla, Southern province of Thailand. It's the business center capital of the province and  4th most densely populated in Thailand. The city is known as haven for travelers wh

Chang Puak Camp , Hatyai | Thailand

No entrance fees, but there nothing for you there unless you take up the activities provided.  Chang Puak Camp where they allow you to ride the elephant for 500 Bath per person inclusive of water and fruits. let me tell you a little something about “elephant trekking” in Hatyai. It’s no jungle trek. You basically ride an elephant, like it’s a carnival ride. The elephant walks down a cement path, turns around and comes back. Of course, if they called the attraction “elephant walking over cement” it wouldn’t catch as much attention. As you’re on a hill, you do get a few nice views but that’s it. I had an elephant to myself with a guide. The guide sat on the elephant’s shoulders and hung on to a bullhorn, which made me nervous.. Evidently, the elephant had done the route enough times that it knew what to do Tips : They tried to sell accessories from elephant teeth. To avoid, just give small change to them and tell them you are not interested. So prepare small change s

Buddhist temples , Hatyai | Thailand

Naturally, you will expect to find Buddhist temples wherever you are in Thailand, and Hat Yai is no exception. Hat Yai is home to one of the largest reclining Buddhas in the world at Hat Yai Nai temple. If you've seen spectacular temples elsewhere in Thailand you may be a little disappointed with those in Hat Yai. Some temples in other parts of the country really do have a 'wow' factor, but I can't think of any in Hat Yai that will take your breath away. 'Na Zha' Temple LI-NA ZHA: Trickster God Boy of Childish Pranks and Tantrums.  Even if you are well-versed in Godly ways, it's just possible his story could stretch your credulity. Formerly a monstrous Immortal with three heads, eight arms and nine eyes, LI-NAZHA was sent down to Earth by the JADE-EMPEROR to subdue a plague of demons.  The Thai temples best known to foreigners are probably the ancient temples of Ayuthaya and Sukothai; the large, ornate temples of Bangkok and

Golden Mermaid , Hatyai | Thailand

Samila Beach Hatyai is where you find the Golden Mermaid Statue on the sandy white beach. I read some articles with the believing of touching the Golden Mermaid will bring you love luck. The sun is high on the sky going by this noon time. Apart from the landmark of the Golden Mermaid, I find this is rather a peaceful beach with the warm weather. There's no wave can be seen from the sea, the long strecth sandy beach is rather smooth, clean & clear beach with not many people, the earth line of the sky and ocean is straight..... Peaceful felt of place. Of all the beaches along the coast of Songkhla, Samila Beach is the most popular among locals and tourists. This timeless well-known beach is characterized by the most famous view of a Golden Mermaid Statue with the islets Koh Noo and Koh Maew in background Most people only think of the most famous mermaid statue in Copenhagen, Denmark. However, there is another one situated at the Samila Beach, Songkhl

Stainless Steel Pagoda(白钢塔) , Hatyai | Thailand

Hatyai, sometimes being spelled as Hat Yai, Had Yai or Haad Yai, is the largest city of Songkhla Province in southern Thailand. The temple is was build on top of the mountain (Khohong hill) Also the design of the temple is was difference than other temple you have seen...  How to get there? By tuk tuk or taxi (The temple are located on Punnakun Rd, near Prince of Songkhla University) (about 15 minutes from hatyai down town) What you do there? Of course take some photo, pray for the buddha and go up to the 2nd floor of the temple. Enjoy the silence moment, lots of trees around. (should visit there when is clear blue sky or before sun set) Dont miss it!! If you're already in Hatyai city :) Before dinner, for those who were interested to visit Stainless Steel Temple paid 200baht for the ride up.We were lucky enough to visited a spectacular Buddhist temple high up on a hill about 10km out of Hadyai. Chedi Thaimongkhon was made from all stainless