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Ipoh Railway Station , Ipoh | Malaysia

The Ipoh railway station is a Malaysian train station located at the south-western side of and named after the capital city of Ipoh, Perak. It serves as the main railway terminal for the state under Keretapi Tanah Melayu, offering KTM Intercity services, ETS services, as well as handling freight trains. Although there are 9 tracks, only four are electrified and three of the electrified tracks are used for ETS and Intercity services. While the rest (6 other tracks) are use as a freight yard . Designed by Arthur Benison Hubback, the current station was officially opened in 1917. Affectionately known as the Taj Mahal of Ipoh by its locals, the building also houses a station hotel called the Majestic Hotel . The first Ipoh station was constructed in 1894 as railway tracks for the Perak Railway (PR) were first laid along Ipoh, serving the town for 20 years through the final years of the PR and its consolidation into the Federated Malay States Railways (FMSR). In 1914, construction

Bulabog Beach (Station 4), Boracay | Philippine

Kitesurfing in Boracay , it’s a way of life with Practiced by many people all passionate about one thing, to get out on the water and ride hard. Two minute walk from my Hostel ,  MNL Beach Hostel The vibe here is amazing , from kitesurfing in the early mornings on Bulabog beach, the time when everyone starts to have fun practicing their own thing. Experience one of the most exciting and spectacular watersports - all training and  Courses  will be done by experienced and highly qualified kite instructor . In just a couple of hours you will learn all basics and techniques which will allow you to be able to kitesurf on the third day of your course! Kitesurfing is one of the most fascinating sports, however due to the combination of the natural elements of wind, water and wave together with a kite flying in 25m height there are a number of risks. Every kiter should be aware of the fact that regularly some heavy accidents occur. Therefore a professional and compet

Wave Bar & Lounge & Sea Breez Cafe, Boracay | Philippine

WAVE BAR & LOUNGE located at Boracay Regency Beach Resort & Spa's beachfront. The place is a modern beach lounge equipped with state of the art speakers with plane wave technology flown all the way from Switzerland. The indoor and al-fresco dining will serve casual Western Cuisine featuring Tapas and bar specials. Party the night away with the music of the best DJs and live bands in the country. This is truly the best way to enjoy your night in Boracay! It's an awesome night to meet and get to know other people from all around the world.   We were craving to try this certain buffet during our first day in Boracay , Sea Breeze Cafe is located in Station 2 as a forefront buffet restaurant of Boracay Regency. Actually, people don't realize that it's "Sea Breeze Cafe"; most just know it as the "buffet in Boracay Regency". At 740 Peso (RM60) per head, Sea Breeze claims to be Boracay's biggest and most extensive buffet. The food has

SpiceBird & Ti Braz and Damiana's Filipino Restaurant, Boracay | Philippine

Spicebird looks like newly open around the D'mall (Maybe) , everything here looks new and clean by the way.... We were wandering around at D'mall looking for the right spot for late lunch when we stopped upon this restaurant. Simple Menu with Quality Foods Place is well-lit, ambiance is very cool, I love the table set-up very vibrant and lively. Due to the great food & service , the service is quick, friendly & attentive , The food itself was savoury, well prepared , well thought out & delicious. Ice Blended Mix Berry Less Sugar  In addition they have 4 sauces to further tickle or make your palate sizzle. As described: 1) Salsa Verde 2) Piri Piri sauce 3) Garlic & Lime 4)  Hotbird sauce Piri Piri Pork Board  Piri Piri Shrimp Board The meat was well seasoned. The pork is excellent. It is very tender and almost melts in your mouth. Its a great place and all the food are fresh!Highly recommeded. Needless to say it was incredible. Spicebir