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Hub Hua Hin 57

  Hub Hua Hin 57 is a 10 minute walk from Hua Hin Beach . It offers air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi and free public parking . The property is 200 metres from Hua Hin Night Market and 3 minute walk to public transportation  drop from Bangkok .       I'm glad I stayed in this hotel while I was in Hua Hin . Location is perfect because it's near city center , eateries , night market , and the beach . Staffs were very helpful and The room is clean and spacious . Rooms are fitted with a flat-screen cable TV and refrigerator. Featuring a shower, private bathrooms also come with towels . well equipped with tea, coffee, hair dryer and safe box . It is affordable and centrally located 24hrs 7Eleven , banks and money changer , jetty and beach . Good for budget traveler and required to pay cash 500baht refundable deposit upon check-in . I definitely will  recommend Hub Hua Hin for a nice chill out holiday in Hua Hin .   Hub Hua Hin 57 Address : 36/1 หัวหิน 57 (ซอยรวมเผ่า) ถนนเดชานุชิ

Christ Church Malacca / St Paul's Church

  Christ Church is an 18th-century Anglican church in the city of Malacca , Malaysia . It is the oldest functioning Protestant church in Malaysia and is within the jurisdiction of the Lower Central Archdeaconry of the Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia .  The church is built in Dutch Colonial architecture style and is laid out in a simple rectangle of 82 feet (25 m) by 42 feet (13 m) . The ceiling rises to 40 feet (12 m) and is spanned by wooden beams , each carved from a single tree . The roof is covered with Dutch tiles and the walls were raised using Dutch bricks built on local laterite blocks then coated with Chinese plaster . The original Dutch windows were reduced and ornamented after the British takeover of Malacca and the porch and vestry were built only in the mid-19th century . A Famosa is a Portuguese fortress located in Malacca , Malaysia . It is among the oldest surviving European architectural remains in south east Asia . The Porta de Santiago , a small gate house , is the

Istana Kesultanan Melaka

  --  Melaka Sultanate Palace (palace replica of the Malacca Sultanate ) is located at the foot of Mount St. Paul . The castle was rebuilt replica based on Malay history that reflect the uniqueness of the architecture of Malay palace , in the days of Sultan Mansur Shah who ruled from 1456 until 1477 . --  Istana Kesultanan Melaka (replika Istana Kesultanan Melayu Melaka) terletak di kaki Bukit St. Paul . Replika Istana ini dibina semula berdasarkan catatan Sejarah Melayu yang menggambarkan keunikan senibina Istana Melayu , di zaman Sultan Mansur Shah yang memerintah dari tahun 1456 hingga 1477 . --  Demonstrate to the public the atmosphere at the Malacca Sultanate Palace and certain rooms such as the Throne Room , Hall Beradu and characteristics A customs rulers in the days of the Malacca Sultanate . shows the greatness of the monarchy as a legacy of the cultural history of the United Malays ever to Malacca was once well recalls the history of the battle between Hang Tuah and Hang Jeba

Pantai Cunang , Tanjung Sepat

  --  Pantai Cunang is a secluded beach at Tanjung Sepat that belong of orang asli , located away from the busy main road and hidden end of the village road . --  Pantai Cunang adalah pantai terpencil di Tanjung Sepat yang dimiliki oleh Orang Asli , terletak jauh dari jalan utama yang sibuk dan sembunyi di penghujung jalan kampung . --  Pantai Cunang在丹绒士拔一个幽静的海滩属于原住民的,位置不在繁忙的主干道在村路的尽头。 --  This mangrove contains rich and diverse wildlife that provide nature lovers to visit and explore its wetlands and resources . This is also regarded as the breeding grounds for numerous species of marine crustaceans including crabs , shrimps , lobsters , horseshoe crabs and prawns as well as fishes and shellfishes .  --  bakau ini mengandungi kaya dan pelbagai hidupan liar yang datangnya pencinta alam semula jadi untuk melawat dan meneroka tanah lembut sumbernya . Ini juga dianggap sebagai tempat pembiakan pelbagai spesis krustasia laut termasuk ketam , udang , udang kara , ketam ladam dan udang serta