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Mount Rinjani , Lombok

  Climbing Mount Rinjani , the second highest volcano in Indonesia , at 3,726m above sea level , the toughest and most rewarding achievement I have ever acquired . Things To Prepare : Peanuts , Nut snack , Nut Bar , Mars Chocolate , Snickers Chocolate bar , Candy and Biscuits . Knee Support , Thermal Sock/glove/neck/Hat , Raincoat , Wet Tissue , Yoko- Yoko , Salonpas , Hansaplast and Panadol . Windbreaker , Trail Shoe , Backpacker and Walking Pole . M fetch us From Lombok Senggigi Hotel and then three hour drive to reach M house that located at Sembalun Rinjani , his house was our starting point . while we reach at 5am , they prepare banana pancake and hot tea as breakfast before we start our journey . Begin at 6AM from foot of rinjani , we choose 2 day 1 night trip to reach summit of Rinjani . There was few package to be choose like 2d1n , 3d2n and 4d3n , if for 4d3n package starting point is at Senaru . 4d3n package will stopby few attraction spot like hot spring , beside the baby vo