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Cenang Beach , Langkawi

  Pantai Cenang is the main hub of Langkawi and is the most developed western coastal area in the Langkawi . However everything here around the beautiful long curved stretch of white sands known as the Pantai Cenang Beach that overlooks the turquoise blue waters of Andaman sea and the many islands little offshore. The beach is fringed with coconut and casuarina trees that further add to its beauty . Although Pantai Cenang area has the largest concentration of hotels, this is the first area to get filled up during the high season . The demand here is the highest, albeit for the lovely beach and view of the ocean, and many water activities . There are many tour operators along the road and also on the beach offering all kinds of water sport activities as well as island and boat tours.  You will find kiosks every 50-yards or so on the beach offering Jet Ski, Banana Boating, parasailing and Island Hopping Boat Tours all through the day time. They generally close by 7pm . It takes only abou

Sailor's Rest , Janda Baik

  Sailor's Rest is one of the resort in Janda Baik from Turning in to Genting Sempah from karak highway , Just right the border of Selangor and Pahang .   Beside Sailor's Rest , there was alot alot of chalet , resorts , tent camping and bungalow that we saw along the Janda Baik . Been organize and plan by a bunch of friend to this beauty of nature rain forest and waterfall Tent camping for two day one night . The house is just next to the river and the boathouse was built in a manmade lake . The view is superb and the air is fresh .  Oh Yea , When we reach Sailor's Rest 3pm , We were being greet by the owner of the resort MR.Hashim , We do tents arrange for all of us and MR.Hashim do a short briefing regarding about the tent . " No smoking , eating and drink sweet tuff in the tent " because it could damage the tent . " No smoking in the bathroom and take off ur shoe/scandal then wear on toilet slipper that provided . Put down our bag in the tent that numbered

Eagle Square , Langkawi

  Located in Kuah Town and next to the jetty, Eagle Square is the place that reflects origin of Langkawi's name. The square is marked by a massive 12-meter sculpture of a reddish brown eagle which is pose to take off . Langkawi's name has been derived from reddish brown eagle, because in old Malay language Helang means Eagle, and Kawi stands for reddish brown. So this manmade statue of the eagle placed on a huge star shaped concrete platform has been created to reflect this background of the island where an eagle is the symbol of Langkawi . Eagle Square is located on the right side of Kuah Jetty and within a short walking distance from there. The square covers a landscaped area of about 19-acres that has covered terraces, beautiful small ponds, fountains, footbridges, shops & eateries, and covered pavilions where events are held . But the highlight of Eagle Square is its awesome view of the bay that opens out to the sea with the backdrop of mountains. From Eagle Square, you