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DK Impian | Damansara West | Malaysia

Starting Price from 320K to own a Soho!! Are you looking for a home-based lifestyle and having a better decorate Funiture to comfort you? Affortable houses is much been ask among buyers with middle income in Malaysia, while property market price are increasing Location is The most important feature for those who want to own a dream house, Concern always about Close to the workplace or school for the kids. Public transport like LRT/MRT and Buses operated are important too even we owning a car or bike, because sometime we would like to take Public transport to city centre avoiding from the massive jam. DK Impian Damansara West provides cabinets, furniture and electrical items to complement each home with adding a RM45k(OPTIONAL) for the convenience of buyers. The Special About DK Impian is the dual-key layout which shares a single entrance, this modern layout addresses today's younger generations living lifestyle. While it’s private yet communal at the same time whereby one r