Kuching-Sarawak | Malaysia

Kuching,officially the City of Kuching,and formerly the City of Sarawakis the capital and most populous city of the East Malaysian state of Sarawak.

we take flight from LCCT to Kuching...it takes 1 hour  45 minute flight...when we reach there..one of my fren family members come and fetch us from airport to home...much thanks to them too..
I went there for 5 DAY 4 nitez,my fren invite me to their hometown during chinese new year...stay and live at my fren place,their parent are nice and friendly...welcome us wit warm heart....full of laughter when we sit down and chit chat....

AFTER we sit down at home for 1 hour from airport...we cant wait anymore to go out for grab KOLO MEE....!!! I forget to eat KUEH CHAP in this trip...huhu

Another day dinner,my fren's dad cook a homemade CURRY LAKSA ,HE almost spend 2 hours to prepare the meal...we wait at kitchen while chit chat....and give some small help that we can help...wuahahaha...TADAAAA....THIS WHAT WE GET!!

 It was pass another day..time running fast....huhu

GOOd afternoon....we went the place that most famous ICE CREAM in kuching,around the corner at 3rd mile the entire location is called Sunny Hill...famous for its soft ice cream.they offer a variety of flavours at super low price...best way to have it is,ate it  fresh from the machine......
Its really YUMMY!!!  I ate 3 bowl of it then only feel  satisfaction...hehe

Dont leave it overnight in the freezer,next day doesn't taste good anymore....we didnt enjoy it at there...we bought take away...balik rumah makan  lo...haha

Foo Chow Kom Pia

A Must eat de food...u cant find this in KL..maybe have but i dont know where la... it is something special food also...This Kom Pia is filled with minced pork meat with some sauce, The Kom Pia is fried in the oil for a few minutes to heat it and then the minced pork which are already cooked are insert into it....like MINI BURGER...haha....always when my fren go back kuching ...i will mafan her to get few for me...hehe
NIght of the day,House BBQ!!        
Mini I-City in kuching opposite my frens house...kekeke...
Just Kiding...it was a resident house....Nice Deco by the way...
pART Of  IT...
Supper on another nitez.... something diferent that we normally eat at KL,
we went kuching town on midnite and we tapao all this....
(I forget to take the pic of  the roadside stall )...it look like a small food court..(wit zink ATAP)few stall open on that time till morning...normally that visit there is ppl from club or pub that craving food@midnite....SERVE wit rice or white porridge...

1.fried bilin chai

2.ho chian

3.fried zuk tan

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