Ipoh-Perak | Malaysia

I'm a Ipoh Lang!!
Ipoh Mali , Ipoh Ipoh Mali!!

I'm Been Born At Hospital Besar Ipoh And Been Raise In a Busiest Town In Malaysia,kuala Lumpur......
I'm From 80's(八十后)
From Being A Baby Till 10 Years Me And Parents Been Staying And Studying In KL....
When I Was 11,We Move Back To Hometown(IPOH) And Continue Our Living But I Back To Town When I Was 15 Years Old........
Normally I Will Go Back My Hometown 4 To 5 Time A Year To Visit My Parent,At This Moment I Always Will Take a Opportunity To Find,Try And Taste All The Delicious Food Along The Highway To Ipoh ....

Let Me Tell U All Some History Of Ipoh :
Ipoh, the capital city of Perak State, Malaysia, is the city that tin built. Located at the famous tin mining area, Kinta Valley, it used to be the world's largest tin mine since 19th century. Not only of its tin mine, but Ipoh also famous of its delicious food, beautiful mountain ranges, mysterious lime stone caves, attractive history & friendly citizen. Being the second in Malaysia that gain the status of city in year 1988 after Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh is one of the major cities in Malaysia with the population around 700,000. Began as a small village in 1870's, tin mine industry had brought in Chinese and Indian that boosted the town development since 1890's. The rapid growing town later upgraded to be the capital of Perak during the Japanese occupation at World War II. The rich tin resource had brought prosperity to many Ipoh miners that even make it once known as the City of Millionaires. Today, Ipoh has grown to cover a large area including the neighboring township such as Bercham, Tasek, Jelapang, Menglembu, Pengkalan, Simpang Pulai & Chemor. The city is still developing continuously while maintains its beauty of nature and harmony. 
  Now I'm Gonna Show U All The Food And Place From IPOH!!

Fu San is most famous for dim sum in Ipoh and their new restaurant had moved to the dim sum street with it grandly and gorgeously renovated. The new Fu San had start operating

Double skin steamed milk

As the name suggest, a dessert made from milk. Soft, melt in my mouth and I sensed a bit of ginger on my tongue. Do not expect something sweet.

Steamed rice rolls HK style chee cheong fun – prepared with sweet soy sauce, garnished with fried shallots and sesame seeds, and accompanied by 2 pieces of vegetable..

Loh Mai Gai - Steamed glutinious rice with chicken, shiitake mushroom and Chinese sausage

SIU mai - seasoned ground pork, whole and chopped shrimp, Chinese black mushroom, lye water doug


Xia gau-They are made of ingredients wrapped in a translucent rice flour or wheat starch skin Wit shrimp and meat..

The fried carrot cake had plenty of beansprouts, eggs, dried shrimp, garlic and spring onions.

The wu kok was tasty and not too greasy.

Fried Yong Tau Fu 
Eggplant and red chillies Filled wit fish and pork mix meat,nice Deco On top,slice red onion and slice cucumber..


4 of us ate alot,eat till full full......


blended garlic chillies sos , just something like KAMPUNG KOH chillies sos...

sweet sause in red...don't really know what it made from...really something different...

and the yellow sause in the sweet sause is something like wasabi dude...really no idea about that..haha

ordering is mostly on a self-service basis. You either pick your orders from the counter or from the trolley that is seen being pushed around.

their concept roughly just like classic or antic looks...nice Deco by the way

the Lau Shar Pau is actually a Lai Yao Bao (Corn Custard Bun) with a twist. Incorporating salted egg yolk as partner, Best taken when hot, break the bun to check out the oozing filling! Do not scald your tongue in the process.

nice eviroments....

BBQ Pork Bun (char siu bao)

By the end of the day, we were all very satisfied with this meal as we rate this one of the best Dim Sum so far we have come across, fresh, and not only that, the most important is their price which turns out to be pretty cheap

must try when u visit IPOH.......

Restoran Foh San Ipoh: 
51 Jalan Leong Sin Nam,
30300 Ipoh,
Tel: (605) 254-0308 
Fax: (605) 253-5432
GPS Coordinates : N4 35.815 E101 05.168

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Kari Mee,
No=>Si Ham
No=>Chic Slice
No=>Tauhu Pok
No=>Long Bean

Roast Pork

    Ipoh White COffee

The Pure Brew White COffee,It Is NOT 3 in 1 packet white coffee...
For Me la,sorry for any inconvenience,All those selling out there white coffee 3 in 1 always bitter n not origin white coffee,i don't know why.....you can know the different when you entered Some of the best white coffee Chinese shop(KEDAI KOPI)...i go everywhere to tRY pure brew (KEDAI KOPI),some of them really awesome!!

                    Lei cha 擂茶

I'm Grown Up In HAKKA Family,This is one of my favourite too...Lei cha is very traditional among Hakkas in Mainland China, especially Southern China.Lei Cha consists of a mix of tea leaves and herbs that are ground or pounded together with various roasted nuts, seeds, grains.Lei cha may also be taken as a dietary brew. In that case, it is served with rice and other vegetarian side dishes such as greens, tofu, and pickled radish.

I always will get It when i'm back to hometown......

     mak chuk yi mai

This WAS my all time favourite,homecook mak chuk yi mai.....
My Mum Will cook a big pot for me once i'm back to hometown coz she know it...haha
if not mistaken ingredent is yi mai,coconut milk and pandan leaf...really jeng!!

(Kong Bou Chicken)

My mum 1st time cook this when i was 9 years old birthday party,the 1st time i tried,i started to love it!!
everytime that i went back hometown,My mum sure will ask;"son,do u wanna eat 宫保鸡 today ??" hahaha
For Sure Can't Find this Dish Outside Or Any Restaurant,It was Really Special Recipe Dish For Me...

Strictly Cannot Share This Recipe...HeHe

叉烧包(Char Siu Bao)

Seriously Tell You Guys,The Best Char Siu Bao That I Had Really Nicer Than KL Alot Alot Alot,If You Wanna Try This Char Siu Bao,come down to my hometown.....
They Sell Lam Yu Pao also,if wanna buy some quantity must be order before 1 day to collect....
Before Back To KL,I always will get a big bag of PAO back to town n put in to frige,slowly slowly finish it...
Normally i will eat 2 or 3 PAO while driving back to town.

Yong Tau Fu (炸料)
Ipoh One Of Most Famous Is Fried Yong Tau Fu,This In My Hometown Too,this Restaurant Owned By One Of My Schoolmate And It Was Their Family Business,Their Business Growing Fast And Their Famous In Food Magazine,Internet And Blogs.....

(Traditional Hakka Yong Tau Foo from Chong Chew Coffee Shop @ Kanthan Baru, Chemor)

Peanut Choy Parn
Yam Bean Choy Parn

         Kg Kuala Kuang - 菜粿

is a traditional snack of Chinese Hakka.  It is made of chives ( 韭菜, Chives ),( 沙葛, Turnips ) wrapped in glutinous flour skin.

Chives Wit Egg Choy Parn

Spring Onion Choy Par

Find Out More In Ipoh :


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