Broga - Semenyih , Malaysia


A half day trip to Broga , We make a move from Petaling Jaya to broga at 4AM , normally its gonna takes around 45 minute car ride to reach Broga by using jalan cheras highway interchange to SILK highway the turn on jalan semenyih . after petrol pumping and fetching we reach Broga Around 5AM , Before doing the hiking we wanted to have something to fill our stomach and been looking kopitiam for breakfast in Broga small town , unfortunately there was no kopitiam open at this moment.
We drove 15 minute to Lenggeng and just drive pass the border between of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan . Actually we drive all the way looking for any shop open for light breakfast , and we found out Lenggeng have the only one nasi lemak stall that open at 5AM .
Without wasting any time , we stop by sat down have a cup of tea and few packet of nasi lemak . The mak cik was so friendly welcome us by greeting "Selamat Pagi" , we found out that the nasi lemak here was different than what we ate out there . They call it traditional malay style nasi lemak , usually when we get nasi lemak normally include half piece of hard boiled , Ikan BIlis , Kacang and Timun but here they served with sambal Ikan and sambal tumis ikan bilis packed with daun pisang . Delicious Hidden gem that spotted accidentally .
After the breakfast , we spend 15 minute drove back to feet of broga to begin the hiking , the sky is still dark and the entrance to Palm estate parking maybe hardly to see . normally when bright you will saw a rabbit farm just opposite of the palm estate entrance but Don't worry , when pass by and almost reach you will saw some bright Led Torchlight flashing that led you to parking.
Up to date 2017 , The parking fees in the palm estate has increase RM1 from RM2 to RM3 per entry , there will be someone standing at the entrance to collect the fees from you . after that just park where ever you want because the palm estate have a huge space to park , and RM 1 fees for toilet usage per entry .
Strongly advice , Torchlight is really important item to bring during this hiking . From carpark all the way till the peak gonna be very dark , No street lights or Fullmoon spare on you . The trail path will need to climb up the little steep hill with steps created by humans like staircase with the rope support . Every step by step with the Torchlight on , otherwise you step on the wrong path and fall rolling back down . The path is easy to located by following the path without grass on it or follow anyone that on your way up if you miss out your group and surely will reach the peak.
For me to reach 2nd viewing point takes me about 45 minute , Timing to reach the peak is depend on own stamina . Those pro hikers maybe takes around 25-30 minute to reach , Like me not that pro slightly slow or maybe some weak on stamina will take around one hour . Broga hill consider still easy for me compare that I went to MT.Rinjani takes me 9 hours , That was hell before heaven .
Shoes does play big role on hiking too , it have difference between trail and running shoes . Like me , I'm using Karrimor Tempo 4 Mens Trail Running Shoes strong grip bottom . not a problem on the slippery path .
We start hiking at 6AM from Foot of broga hill and reach at 2nd viewing point on 6.45AM before the sunrise , setting up my gears when the sky still dark to capture time lapse from my Gopro on Sunrise moment . 1st & 2nd viewing point is the best spot to sit down and enjoy sunrise . Dont miss out the seacloud flowing from mountain to mountain and the sun just rise behind of it .
There are nice stopping points that give lovely views of the valley below and on a clear day , it is about the only hill or mountain in Peninsular Malaysia which is covered in lalang grass instead of trees so the views from the top are excellent clear .
View from 2nd viewing point to 4th viewing point
View from 2nd viewing point to 3Rd viewing point
View from 2nd viewing point to 1st viewing point
Things to Prepare -

  • Suitable Hiking Shoe
  • Bright Torch Light
  • 500ml Water Just Nice
  • Spare Shirt & Pant to change after
  • Chocolate Bar Incase Hungry 
  • Camera for stunning scenery 
  • Take many many photo of Stunning pose 
distance shorter . if come down from 2nd viewing point is free .
The car park , much more clear when bright day . Ealier was so dark , can't even see surrounding .

Sak Dato Temple 石拿督庙
After the hike we went to pay a visit at Sak Dato Temple 石拿督庙 , About 1 KM from broga town till end of the road . nice place for photo taking with beautiful scenery and entrance free . 

Restoran London 好怡吃海鲜饭店 / 甜园小站
Get down from Sak Dato Temple 石拿督庙 , we simply choose one of the restaurant to eat broga Traditional Pan mee . 

Semenyih Traditional Pan Mee 栢岑版面
We continue our food hunt to Semenyih to found out Semenyih Famous Pan Mee that everybody says was delicious , we was turning around few times to find this hidden gem . The unexpected is the shop is located on first floor without any signboard .

After the Traditional Pan Mee , we heading back to Petaling Jaya and we enjoy the half day trip too.


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