Eagle Square , Langkawi


Located in Kuah Town and next to the jetty, Eagle Square is the place that reflects origin of Langkawi's name. The square is marked by a massive 12-meter sculpture of a reddish brown eagle which is pose to take off .

Langkawi's name has been derived from reddish brown eagle, because in old Malay language Helang means Eagle, and Kawi stands for reddish brown. So this manmade statue of the eagle placed on a huge star shaped concrete platform has been created to reflect this background of the island where an eagle is the symbol of Langkawi .

Eagle Square is located on the right side of Kuah Jetty and within a short walking distance from there. The square covers a landscaped area of about 19-acres that has covered terraces, beautiful small ponds, fountains, footbridges, shops & eateries, and covered pavilions where events are held .

But the highlight of Eagle Square is its awesome view of the bay that opens out to the sea with the backdrop of mountains. From Eagle Square, you can see the ferries plying across the bay. And if you are arriving to Kuah town by a ferry , you will sea this gigantic model of the eagle facing the waters greeting you as you approach the jetty .

Note that it can be really hot here during the mid day. The bare concrete floor of the square reflects heat and it can be quite difficult to stand here under the sun. So try to plan a trip either early in the morning or in the evening hours to walk around and really appreciate the place. After dark, the square and even the eagle sculpture are illuminated with lights and the place really looks gorgeous .

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