Mount Rinjani , Lombok


Climbing Mount Rinjani , the second highest volcano in Indonesia , at 3,726m above sea level , the toughest and most rewarding achievement I have ever acquired .

Things To Prepare :

Peanuts , Nut snack , Nut Bar , Mars Chocolate , Snickers Chocolate bar , Candy and Biscuits .
Knee Support , Thermal Sock/glove/neck/Hat , Raincoat , Wet Tissue , Yoko- Yoko , Salonpas , Hansaplast and Panadol .
Windbreaker , Trail Shoe , Backpacker and Walking Pole .

M fetch us From Lombok Senggigi Hotel and then three hour drive to reach M house that located at Sembalun Rinjani , his house was our starting point . while we reach at 5am , they prepare banana pancake and hot tea as breakfast before we start our journey .

Begin at 6AM from foot of rinjani , we choose 2 day 1 night trip to reach summit of Rinjani . There was few package to be choose like 2d1n , 3d2n and 4d3n , if for 4d3n package starting point is at Senaru . 4d3n package will stopby few attraction spot like hot spring , beside the baby volcano lake and few more place . surely will kill me by climbing up and down .

Mount Rinjani or Gunung Rinjani is an active volcano in Indonesia on the island of Lombok. Administratively the mountain is in the Regency of North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara . Rinjani is one of at least 129 active volcanoes in Indonesia .

We Reach the First Post after an hour Hiking , Everyone still look fine and more energy to go . Starting to apply some sunblock get everything pack and ready to hike to post 2 in 2 hour time .

Our porters are really tough guys , We hired four porters and two Guide along our hiking .
What do Porters do ? - Porters carries our Camp , Sleeping bag , stuff for cooking , foods , Drinks , Fruits and many more . They only wears scandals to hike and hike faster than me , Posters and Guide have much more experience on hiking but doesn't mean they won't tired , They will feel tired also just they walk up slowly .

The Red circle on the right , There is our we Camp site for tonight and must reach before sunset . It looks easy to be there by looking from here but it have a long way to go .

We Reach post 2 to resting for 15 minute break then continue the hike and the path still looks fine , one and half hour needed to Post 3 .

Post 3 - One and half Hour break , resting while the Porters Preparing lunch for us . My leg start to cramps after the four hours hike , while the break I apply Muscle counter pain to keep track later on .

After the post three , the trek getting much more tougher . To reach the Crater Rim , we need hike through seven tough hills and these seven hills tooks me four hours .

Reach The Crater Rim of Mount Rinjani , I cried after the 9 hours of hiking and conquer Mountain Rinjani, I cried when halfway my leg giving up on me but there was a hope when my mind keep thinking that I can make it!!
I'm Telling the world that Eddy Rush Fatboys has make it , nothing is impossible . There was always a hell before the heaven .

The Sunset moment was so beautiful , The sun is above of Cloud sea .

The View around is stunning and really worth of hard work to be here . When half way hiking up to Crater Rim , I tried to Give up since my leg is giving up on me . my leg cramps all the way from post three but with tears telling myself not to give up easily and the guide telling me that "take your time , you gonna be up there soon or later and we are not in rush" . The patient and words of the guide waiting for me makes me more enthuse . While hiking the hills I met a couple from Sabah that suffering leg cramps like me , we encourage each other till reach on Crater Rim . After the seven hills before walk to our camp site , we shout , laugh and take a deep deep breath . I was so so happy after the achievement , Laughter and tears comes together . Just imagine my leg carries the weight of mine around 115KG hike 7KM for 9 hours and I'm the last one reached the camp site while all my friend reach one hour earlier .

Build Up camp and Toilet at the Crater Rim and we will spend a night here .

This is porters camp , they are preparing Dinner while we having a short nap and will wake us up for dinner .

Simple dishes been prepared , Fried Rice top with fried egg and a small piece of chicken . That's our dinner . After this we take photos of the sunset , sea cloud and the lake view from Crater Rim , the lake not really clear to see because bunged up by the sea cloud . Preparing to sleep at 7PM and need to wake up at 2AM to hike reach summit when still dawn .

The Stunning clear view of stars , It's like million and million of stars around . The 2AM sky without cloud blocking the star , this we called it countless million star hotel view and princeless moment we having here , I even saw one meteor/shooting star passby through the skies . The first time I saw countless stars full in the sky . enjoying the speechless moment while eyes keep rolling .

3AM , After breakfast been served with banana pancake . Starting the 3 hours hike to the summit . Headlamp is very important and all the way is dark .

Disclaimer: I didn't join them hike to summit and continue resting because my leg is teribbly pain on muscle but it's all good because I know I've tried . I don't feel that wasted because didn't hike for the summit anyway .

The trek has the S shape to reach the summit . The trail got even steeper and the climb consisted of regularly climbing two steps forward only to slide at least one back .  It took about three hours to make it all the way to the top with freezing winds . The most beautiful mountain in Indonesia with all the views along the way .

After two hours trekking back to base camp , Porters have prepared our breakfast with banana pancak , Fried banana and toast bread .

The View become much more stunning when the sun rising up and brighten the whole view of the lake and also surrounding .

After the breakfast of the day , around 9AM We heading back down to the hill . It will Probably took about five hours to reach foot of Rinjani from base camp .

Hiking Up is just half of the story , Now I suffering With sore legs climbing down on rough pieces of rock , careful not to make mistakes . Walking down with double weight and using much more energy to break on every down step , It was hurting my knee . when comes to down hill flat path . My body and mind wanted to run but my leg not letting me to run .

Last meal For the two day one night Mount Rinjani trekkers , Spagetti , half boiled egg and piece of chicken . one hour lunch and resting break at this post , still have two hour more to head down foot of rinjani .

Climbing Rinjani is a lesson in life. No matter what challenges come your way, if you tackle them slowly and steadily one foot-hole at a time, keeping your self-confidence and determination permanently switched on, you can achieve anything . The only limitations we face are the limitations we place on ourselves .


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