Nasuha Spices and Herbs Paradise , | Malaysia

Nasuha Herbs & Spices Paradise in Johor is a plantation that produces up to 108 types of herbs and spices . Spanning 3200 acres, it the largest plantation of herbs and spices in Asia .
Nasuha provide one hour tour to show their herbs plantation
There are many activities for visitors to choose from at this farm , but the main feature here is of course its namesake , herbs & spices . Visitors can go on guided tours of different packages tours generally include a briefing on herbs & spices , providing basic information on these plants before proceeding to herbs garden , a garden herbarium , herbs gallery .
The farm , given its large space , also provides outdoor activities to those who are more adventurous . Upon booking , visitors can participate in jungle trekking and night walk , camping trips at the plantation grounds , abseiling , canoeing .
Thanks to Aini that guide us and explain everything in Nasuha Spices and Herbs Paradise , We extract a lot of knowledge that we don't even know at all . She always with a smile .
Heard that There is accommodation for any Team building or Training  
Beside Spices and Herbs , They also have Imported buffalo name UDIN , Deers , Ducks and Chicken .
The Therapeutic Health Spa consist of three lodges . Each of these lodge has two sauna rooms that can accommodate two to four person each time . These lodges are built from a combination of designs from Japan , China ,  Korea , Finland , Egypt to obtain the most effective herbal sauna .
The saunas are heated using steam from underground . The rocks are slowly heated to 90c . Herbal infused water is then splashed at the rocks to produce steam , thus giving a refreshing aroma and formation of negetive ions which is beneficial to health .
In Nasuha Spices and Herbs Paradise also have a Restaurant that served Herbs Briyani side with Chicken Rendang or Asam Pedas Barbados mutton . Barbados lamb in Nasuha Spices and Herbs Paradise are special breed because their are feed with only herbs leaf .


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