Villa hantu , Senggigi Lombok


about 2 km Not far from Senggigi , Villa Hantu sounds like Ghost villa in english , this villa property was belong to an Australian citizen whose construction was stopped because it collided with a building permit .
It was been abandon for years and the construction won't be continue anymore , Our tour guide M said that this villa attracted those youngters making love with their partners when the day become dark . when some young lady get pregnant without gets married and without get to know by their parents , their will throw their babies with womb from this villa .
Finding This villa hantu is not too difficult because it is located beside of the main road . Precisely in the majors Senggigi , Lombok Utara . If from Gili Trawangan to senggigi then it was located on the right of road . Villa hantu is built on a cliff or hill with views directly out to sea .
In the vicinity of Villa existing stalls , where we can buy snacks and drinks while waiting Sunset arrive . The parking lot is certainly there . there also ladder made from bamboo , as can hike up if you want to get to the roof of the Villa . 



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