Pantai Mawun, Lombok


The location of Mawun Beach is really quite hidden also far enough away from the city of Mataram . Travelers have to travel for about two hours by bike to reach the Mawun Beach . The beach is located between two others attraction locations , Selong Belanak Beach and Kuta Beach , Lombok Island have alot of beauty hidden behind the place . 
Although the location was quite far and also takes a long journey but you will not regret to see Mawun Beach. Because there are a variety of exotic panorama that you can use around the coastal areas . white Sand beaches typical of the beach on the island of Lombok that you can find here . The beach is clean of trash with clear blue water makes the atmosphere so comfortable . the cool sea breeze and gentle waves in front of you .
waves that exist in Mawun is not too large , it is because the beach is in a bay so the big waves won't arrive at the waterfront . However, if you travel to the beach along with children , remember to always keep an eye on them . For though the waves are at Mawun beach is not too big , but undeneath of the beach is quite steep eventually can make your child go into deeper parts of the beach .
The beach is located between two beaches and flanked by two beaches Kuta Beach and Selong Belanak . Mawun beach is located at the southern regions of Central Lombok regency , So it is nice to bathe and frolic in the water while enjoying the natural beauty of the beach at the edge . Because Mawun Beach has a base which is quite steep so you have to be careful if you want to swim to the middle of the beach .



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