One Night At Kampung Sagil Homestay | Malaysia

The word of "Homestay" is common among us while going vacation , as we all know booked a fully furnished and staying without owners but at Kampung Sagil are totally different . We spend the night at this homestay with Foster family and this was first time experience while learn much more activity happening in the village , our Foster family warmly welcome us to their home and take good care of us .
 During the Evening before dawn , Foster Family and villagers bring us to the river stream and showed us how to net fish . I did't do the netting but my bros went down to try out on action , Fish netting are villages daily acivities here to add dishes on their dinner too .
The result we get from netting
This Foster family home are not same like those luxury homestay , with a ceiling fan without air conditioner but It was cooling during the night because surrounding with nature .
Authentic dishes that cooked by our Foster Mummy for dinner , Fried Kampong Chicken and Nangka masak lemak . The dishes was superb delicious until I added rice three times . During the dinner , we all had a great chit chat and find out our Foster daddy was a veteran Malaysia Army . We both also talk about family and works .
The night haven't end only with dinner , Kampung Sagil Villagers invited us to a house to see performance of the Kemplingan which is normally performed for any occasion ceremonies in the village . Kemplingan is another art that is inherited from the Javanese society by the people of Johor. It is a kind of gameplay accompanying a rawi reading that is taken from berzanji whether its reading in Arabic (as in berzanji), Malay (translation) or Javanese language. Basically, the Kemplingan equipment consists of three types of tools namely a drum, a bed and four different tunes .
The area of ​​the Kemplingan group is mostly in Batu Pahat and Muar areas . The player consists of 10 to 20 people and there is also a group of 23 players . In addition to playing the kemplingan tool partly is a rawi reader . Each one can alternate and the game is often held to enliven religious functions such as in gratitude, marriage, cuts and circumcision . He also acts like a companion to accompany the wedding procession .
Light Snack been served after the performance 


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