Healing at Dusun Tok wak Desa Sentosa, Baling

Dusun Tok Wak Desa Sentosa . A tourism product in the Baling area and it is an Eco Tourism attraction. So for those of you who want an experience different from the others, unique and traditional, Desa Tok Wak is highly recommended!

Located in Baling District, more precisely on Jalan Ulu Legong, Dusun Tok wak Desa Sentosa has been established since 2016 and the majority of people who come here are those who like and enjoy activities that involve nature.
To get here, you can drive and walk in to the place. But if can, before going to Dusun Tok wak Desa Sentosa, you better make a reservation first if you don't want to be disappointed. let's say for the food preparation if you would to dine there, They are serving Lunch package and Night dinner BBQ package. Pak Long (the owner of this place) will treat you well!
Stepping into this Dusun Tok Wak, You have to cross the river first before reaching here.
When We arrive, It is Tea-time. And Pak Long have prepared us Kelulut Honey Coffee and Kelulut Honey Mee Goreng, it was taste totally different than the normal one. More aroma and thick taste.
Enjoying delicious village food while playing in the cool and clear river water is very exciting. If you look forward to immersing in the local culture and enjoying local foods in the river, this is the best place to be, surrounded by food orchards and coffee trees.

To dine in the river, advance booking is needed and but it is only acceptable for a minimum of 10 people. The kampung style menu include rice cooked in the bamboo, sup kambing herba madu kelulut, gulai daging batang pisang, daging rebus air asam, kangkung goreng belacan, ikan pekasam sungai, sambal belacan and kopi madu kelulut.
Alternatively, visitors can go camping near the river with two-person tents available for rentals. The river water is crystal clear, and visitors can opt for swimming and kayaking too. There are gazebos, toilet and prayer rooms. Visitors can also request the management to provide meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner or outdoor activities including river trekking and hiking.

We stay till night, Set up fire on charcoal, Blow and wave the hand fan to make fire heat up. Beside that, Pak Long brings us Prawns, Marinated Chicken & Beef, Hotdogs, watermelon, Fried Rice and fried Mee Hoon. Not to say very delicious but can say awesome, Grill everything beside the river was really cool. 

One more thing you don't know about Pak Long, Pak Long is a great storyteller. After everyone done with dinner, we all sit together and facing to Pak Long. And then He will start telling the story how was Dusun Tok wak Desa Sentosa build up, It is really a interesting Story no one wake up and walk away. For me, The one hour story telling from Pak Long is a legend. How hard work he was and make things happens. Salute!!
Happy Things end real fast, Miss the place after went back to Kuala Lumpur. Honestly, This place is really suitable for those who needs Healing, Bringing Family or come with friends.

Address: Dusun Tok Wak Desa Sentosa, Kampung Kuala Kedua, 
Ulu Legong, 09100, Baling, Kedah, Malaysia.
Phone: +6019-5088258 / +6013-44038

Special thanks to all sponsors, Majlis Daerah Baling, Angkatan Pertahanan Awam Daerah
Baling (APM Baling), Malim Gunung and Gua Sireh team.

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