The Hiddem Jem In Baling, Kedah

Hey Baling, Who is Baling or Where is Baling. That was My first Question to myself, What do we have In Baling, Kedah. Yes, I'm A Malaysian. I just get to know how awesome is Baling, Don't Laugh at Me, I'm Sure not much Malaysian know about Baling Kedah unless you are from Kedah. My Mind was Blown after Officially visited the Baling district For 5 days 4 Nights into every corner of the place.

For those who would like to explore Baling soon or later or you miss out the place when you been to baling, Let's go Get the Informations In this Blog Until to End. Most of it was New place and also featuring some old place tha must visit in Baling, Kedah.
To Baling we decided to take ETS from KL Sentral to Sungai Petani, It will take about 4 hours and 5 minutes. You can get some rest before reaching to the destination but for Us is like too excited to be there and we was chatting and laughing all the to Sungai Petani station. 
There is a fun fact while ride on the train, we was crossing in the middle of tasik bukit merah. You can watch the lake on the right and left, and there is Cows and others animal hanging around beside the lake.
Once We touch Down Sungai Petani, Eja warm welcome us at the station exits. And we was lead to our transportation that waited for our arrival, My new friend AM he is our driver for 5 days and he will following us where ever we go. Coincidentally I become the Co-pilot for AM for 4 days, Doesn't not matter Helping is caring. Who ever are looking for Transportation for Bus or Hiace Van for travelling by small or big group can Contact Am at 0135109755, He runs the whole west Malaysia. Say My Name to get discount, friendly Crews.
Just After the arrival, the first stop will be at  DIMA Garden. That is located at Kuala ketil, 20 minutes 16km away from Sungai Petani KTM station, There were we Had our First Lunch in baling. And I wrote a full article about DIMA Garden, You may have a look into it. It is really an interesting place to be and the staycation was awesome.
Our First Night stay will be at Baling Hot Spring Ulu Legong, It Took one hour ride from DIMA Garden to reach here. They offered a normal room with basic interior here and unlimited time to soak your leg or swim in the hot springs. More Photos....
Dinner is been Served at the same place in Hot spring Ulu Legong cafeteria, Kedai Kak mah offered us a great dinner. Local taste and delicious.
Rise and Shine ladies, Second day morning breakfast was pin down at M Idaman Cafe 20 minutes away from Ulu legong Hot spring. Looking For breakfast in Baling is not hard but looking for unique and delicious breakfast only at M Idaman Cafe. The sarang burung is the killer. More Photos....
After The Breakfast, We head to Gua Sireh. Gua Sireh is located in Kampung Padang Cik Mas, Mukim Pulai, Baling. It was opened to visitors in February 2019. The exploration of this cave was initiated by the residents’ association and locals to promote the cave due to its uniqueness and beauty. The panorama inside the cave is truly stunning. More Photos....
The Baling negotiations on 28 and 29 December 1955 was a historic moment in the effort to end the armed rebellion of the Malayan Communist Party (PKM) where these negotiations involved the Federal Government consisting of Tunku Abdul Rahman, Dato' Sir Tan Cheng Lock and David Marshall with the PKM consisting of Chin Peng, Chen Tien and Rashid Maidin. More Photos....
If you look forward to immersing in the local culture and enjoying local foods in the river, Dusun Tok Wak Desa Sentosa  is the best place to be, surrounded by food orchards and coffee trees. More Photos....

Staycation tonight for us at Baling Mountain Garden Village, consists of 9 rooms and is a 5-minute walk from Mount Baling. More Photos....
Morning Visit to Felcra Weng in Baling District, Weng Valley is the latest attraction place to visit with whole Family and friends. More Photos....

After The Weng Valley Visit, We stop by and visit at one of the underprivileged Orphanages home in Baling by Spend some time and bring them some foods and love. 


Jumlah pelajar 51 orang X RM 16 (seorang pelajar) = RM816
Bagi Perbelanjaan Majlis Berbukak puasa sebanyak RM 20 
Nasi berlauk : RM7
Air : RM 2
Kuih : RM 2
Moreh : RM3 

👉Bagi perbelanjaan sahur pula sebanyak RM 10
Rm300(seorang pelajar) X 51 Org  =RM15300.00

Sumbangan boleh juga melalui Akaun Petubuhan kebajikan Anak Yatim Umu Sabariah di..
➡Cimb Bank  02050000453104....
➡Bank Islam 02048010051838
➡Maybank   552107608991
📲Atau ditalian 0174660678(pejabat) / 0194745388(En.Sukri)

Kami menerima sumbangan seikhlas hati dari pihak tuan.
Semoga jasa baik tuan puan diberkati Allah dan dirahmati dunia akhirat..
Terima kasih..

"Barangsiapa memberi makan minum orang yang berpuasa dibulan Ramadhan,maka baginya mendapat pahala yang sama seperti orang berpuasa itu.Dan Barangsiapa meringankan beban kesulitan kaum lemah,anak yatim dibulan Ramadhan,maka Allah Taa'ala akan meringankan kesulitannya dihari kiamat dan menyelamatkannya dari api neraka (HR.Al-Baihaqi dan Ibnu Hayyan)
Dinner Tonight at Nasi Kukus Ayam Penyet Berempah Mak Lang Dan Mat Lie that Located at Kampung Terabak, Baling. The Design of the Shop was Stunning, A place for Instagrammable worthy photo place. Second floor fully converted to an antique Rumah Melayu. More Photos....
*Conquered Gunung Baling
Explore this 3.2-km out-and-back trail near Baling, Kedah. Generally considered a moderately challenging route. This is a very popular area for hiking, so you'll likely encounter other people while exploring. The trail is open year-round and is beautiful to visit anytime. More Photos....
This shop provides a variety of breakfast menus that are delicious and the best. The location of this stall is located on route 67 and most riders always stop by and have breakfast here. Among the menu available in this stall is the roasted bean phool, which is a popular menu at this stall. More Photos....
Puan Nazariah fresh oyster Mushrooms is a successful business and is well received a lot of requests that never Stop. She has opened 2 workshops for raising mushrooms due to high demand from wholesalers & agents. More Photos....
Our Last Night staycation at DIMA Garden, It was a wonderful place. I would love it so much with the cozy and woke up with fresh air once I opened the room door. More Photos....

The last and delicious Nasi Lemak breakfast served by Dima Garden. hmmmm
Good To know, nice to eat. New for me and others. Kuih Dangai only in baling

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QTT x KembaRojak FAM Trip To Baling is organized by QTT Group Plt in collaboration with Global Travel Sdn Bhd (KOLA) and supporting team KembaRojak.

Special thanks to all sponsors, Majlis Daerah Baling, Angkatan Pertahanan Awam Daerah
Baling (APM Baling), Malim Gunung and Gua Sireh team.

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