Chang Puak Camp , Hatyai | Thailand

No entrance fees, but there nothing for you there unless you take up the activities provided. Chang Puak Camp where they allow you to ride the elephant for 500 Bath per person inclusive of water and fruits.

let me tell you a little something about “elephant trekking” in Hatyai. It’s no jungle trek. You basically ride an elephant, like it’s a carnival ride. The elephant walks down a cement path, turns around and comes back. Of course, if they called the attraction “elephant walking over cement” it wouldn’t catch as much attention. As you’re on a hill, you do get a few nice views but that’s it.

I had an elephant to myself with a guide. The guide sat on the elephant’s shoulders and hung on to a bullhorn, which made me nervous..Evidently, the elephant had done the route enough times that it knew what to do

Tips : They tried to sell accessories from elephant teeth. To avoid, just give small change to them and tell them you are not interested. So prepare small change swap it as a tips.


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