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Get a nap in Bus

Me and My family was planing to go Hat Yai by bus with a gang of 24 person include me .... 

When you think of hat yai, you will think of Lee Garden plaza, central mall.. It's a shopping heaven for most people! 

If you don't compare with the quality, everything there were so cheap! We went for three days two night staying at Pink Lady Hotel,let's start with my first ever trip to Hatyai

mommy planned to come here since half a year ago....6 hours journey from Ipoh that include 4 R&R Stop.

I have done many researches regarding Hatyai before we went there so that we know what to do, where to go and what to eat and also most importantly the cost of it all. 

people always get dumbfounded whenever they heard about this place.  Hat Yai (หาดใหญ่) or Hat Yai belongs to Songkhla, Southern province of Thailand. It's the business center capital of the province and  4th most densely populated in Thailand. The city is known as haven for travelers who cross by land between Malaysia and Thailand. It's close proximity to the border....

While crossing the Thai border, need to  include a dollar note in my passport to be passed on to the immigration officer.Apart from the long Que which lasted for about an hour at the Dannok border, it was a smooth trip all the way. 

Buddhist temples In Hatyai

Naturally, you will expect to find Buddhist temples wherever you are in Thailand, and Hat Yai is no exception. Hat Yai is home to one of the largest reclining Buddhas in the world at Hat Yai Nai temple.

Stainless Steel Pagoda(白钢塔)

We went here at Around 7 pm,so all light been on and look very beautiful..
The light will be closed at 8pm....

The temple is was build on top of the mountain (Khohong hill) Also the design of the temple is was difference than other temple you have seen...

Golden Mermaid , Semila

Samila Beach Hatyai is where you find the Golden Mermaid Statue on the sandy white beach. I read some articles with the believing of touching the Golden Mermaid will bring you love luck. The sun is high on the sky going by this noon time.

Apart from the landmark of the Golden Mermaid, I find this is rather a peaceful beach with the warm weather. There's no wave can be seen from the sea, the long strecth sandy beach is rather smooth, clean & clear beach with not many people, the earth line of the sky and ocean is straight..... Peaceful felt of place.

The Great Serpeant 'Nag"

The "Nag" is the deity of divine creation of water as well as fertility for all living things.The people of southern Thailand believes that "Nag" spraysdivine waters so as to make People feel fresh and happy , as well as to purify the blemishes which occurs within our minds and bodies.

As a result , The "Nag" is one of the most highly respected deities of Southern Thailand . All The local people will pay respect to "Nag" and ask for forever bring happiness and good fortune to their lives....

Thai Coconut Ice Cream

I always like to eat something sweet after a meal, and I look forward to have Thai Coconut Ice Cream, wow....it taste like so gooood with peanuts, sweet potatoes, jelly, attap seeds, sticky rice and small pieces of bread.

Street Food

You can find a lot of street vendor around Hat Yai city, there are a few stall selling these fried Udang Galah (Fresh water Prawns) price of prawn follow by the size,the biggest goes for 400Bath and the whole chicken drumstick WIth 45bath each. They really look good and nice to eat, usually customers will buy and pack it back to hotel to eat. I brought a few pieces of chicken drumstick for my brother and mummy, having it with beer would be wonderful.

Khao Neow Mamuang is a Thai dessert... It is actually Thai sweet sticky rice with ripe mango... It taste best with santan (coconut milk) toppings which is provided separately... Just add some to the dessert when you want to eat... As mango tends to go rancid easily, it is best eaten when prepared... It is to be noted that Southern Thailand produces some of the best mango in the kingdom,There is a stall just outside the Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel that sells this delicious dessert.. 

Coconut Jelly “mak kraau buun”!!.....Must try if you're going to Hatyai!

Pork Satay is actually a barbeque-style meat cooking.There were a lot of this pork satay over that area and it cost only 7 Baht per stick. Eat as many as you like!!!!

Once you have reached Hatyai town, take a look around and you will notice that there are loads of fruit peddlars, there are loads of selection from watermelons, pineapples and some of their local fruit. I manage to try a local fruit guava which is bright lime green in color. Very interesting... 

The pig trotter is one of my favourite dish and nowhere else can you get better pig trotters than in Thailand... The braised trotters can be found in street stalls, You can have just trotters as dish or just rice or noodles with trotter meat for one person at hawker stalls... but beware of the high fat content of the meat...
I would say that the standard and quality of braised trotters in Thailand is quite consistent having taken it in Bangkok, Chiangmai, Chiangrai, Hua Hin and Hatyai... In one word - it is certainly delicious and making you want more of it... hehe...

Chang Puak Camp

No entrance fees, but there nothing for you there unless you take up the activities provided. Chang Puak Camp where they allow you to ride the elephant for 500 Bath per person inclusive of water and fruits.

Chicken rice is called 'Kao Mun Kai' in Thai language. It is similar to Hainanese chicken rice found in Malaysia and Singapore. In Thailand, it doesn't have bbq chicken like in Malaysia. It only comes with poached chicken (white chicken). The special part of Kao Mun Kai is the sauces. One is made from fermented bean and soy sauce, another sauce is made from ginger. Yummy!
I got an opportunity to visit and grabbed a glass of  iced caffe’ mocha. I originally wanted to have my favorite java chip frappuccino  but they didn’t have any frapuccino’s in their menu yet

Street That loaded wit People At Nite Time,we can see alot malaysian around here..alot stall that selling local foods can be seen...
This What I Get for chilling for the night while checking out some Thai ChICK Walking around and the girl that selling beer was friendly too,we had some chit-chat till i finished up my beer...
one more thing i wanna tell,there was limited time for at hatyai 7 ELEVEN on beer selling...

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