Stainless Steel Pagoda(白钢塔) , Hatyai | Thailand

Hatyai, sometimes being spelled as Hat Yai, Had Yai or Haad Yai, is the largest city of Songkhla Province in southern Thailand.

The temple is was build on top of the mountain (Khohong hill) Also the design of the temple is was difference than other temple you have seen... 

How to get there? By tuk tuk or taxi (The temple are located on Punnakun Rd, near Prince of Songkhla University) (about 15 minutes from hatyai down town)

What you do there? Of course take some photo, pray for the buddha and go up to the 2nd floor of the temple. Enjoy the silence moment, lots of trees around. (should visit there when is clear blue sky or before sun set)

Dont miss it!! If you're already in Hatyai city :)

Before dinner, for those who were interested to visit Stainless Steel Temple paid 200baht for the ride up.We were lucky enough to visited a spectacular Buddhist temple high up on a hill about 10km out of Hadyai. Chedi Thaimongkhon was made from all stainless steel tubing and is lit up at night and visible from the road below the hill that passes it.

Just  ask the hotel to arrange ride for you. The road up was very dark, no street lamp and you need a familiar driver with good skills or else, you might end up rolling down the hill. The temple is located at Moo 8 of Ban Nai Rai on Punnakan Rood in Tambon Khor Hong of Amphur Hatyai.

Concealed in ceramic vases or glass cases are dust remains of monks, placed at the lower center piller which is the main center piller that holds the entire circular stainless steel tubing of the 2 storey pagoda,Interior on the 2nd floor, fascinating steel works Elegant steel winding staircase...

Wishing concavity, but this is the monthly bowlful. One require to lie the arrow firstborn to your period of alteration and rotate the mark . If the arrows returns to your aquarium, it is said that your recognise will be fulfilled.

This spot offers a spectacular sunset on a good day,A seven days Wishing bowl, one must know the day (not date) of birth to try your luck in tossing a coin into the bowl. I think the bowl is about 10 ft or 12 ft high. This is the center pillar on the upper floor,The exterior walls with 16 numbers of circular doors. The polka dots on the walls are actually laid with coins, while the interior of the lower ground is design to look like a cubicle with a space for meditation purposes ..

The apex stainless steel structure making its way to the top of the stupa.
at 6pm sharp, Thai time, the pagoda begins to lit,A couple of minutes later, the pagoda fully lit, turning it from a Stainless Steel Pagoda by day into a Crystal Pagoda by nite. Magnificent ! 

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