Pulau Penang | Malaysia (April 2013)

Charlie Brown Cafe @ Straits Quay, Penang

 -Are you a fan of Charlie Brown comic? What about Snoopy? If you are a fan of Charlie Brown comics, you will love the newly opened at Straits Quay. Its interior decoration has everything from lights, table tops to wallpapers and most importantly they sell souvenirs of Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the gang.

I know that Charlie Brown Cafe (查里布朗咖啡馆)has become a hot topic in the town now. Located at Straits Quay, this outlet is the first of Charlie Brown Cafe in Malaysia. Surprisingly they open the first Peanuts theme cafe in Penang but not in KL. The other outlets that I know are location in Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and China.

First of all, ordering is self service here but the food and drinks will be delivered to your table.


The cutest cheese cake you will ever see – Espresso Cheese Cake @ RM9.50


Charlie Brown Tiramisu @ RM12

Luckily the drinks are not too bad and they look really nice too.


Each cuppa comes with a different cartoon character coffee art on the foam. For example, Lucy appears on the hot Latte (RM9.50) while it is Wookstock for the Mocha (RM11) and Snoopy is on a cup of Hot Chocolate...

The type of food sold there varies from appetizers right up to desserts. You will have soups, snacks, pastas, sandwiches, pizzas to local favorites and desserts. Drink will also be various coffee to tea to the healthy drinks to shakes and sodas.

It seems many have flocked to the cafe to have a closer look and take tonnes of pictures with the well-loved Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus and the rest of the gang.

The cafe is huge and divided into different sections with different layouts - sofa seats, private rooms, casual rattan chairs... Overall spacious enough to maneuver buggies and for kids to run

Great place for a meet-up or a hang out but it isnt THAT awesome of a place to have dinner or lunch coz there isnt a wide variety of food for you to choose

Charlie Brown Cafe is a really really good place for avid picture takers
because its the only place in Penang with a cartoon themed restaurant.

There is also a Souvenir Corner which you to get some collection if you find the characters adorably charmingly cute. 

Its well decorated interior with faces of the "Peanuts" family all over the place.

it was not really opened such as Starbucks or Coffee Bean franchising a lot, but it seems to be unique due to the limited stores that can be found in the world!

We can view the quay from inside the restaurant, we saw boats and seawater.

There is a separate function room for, let’s say, kiddy parties. You can watch the strip figures and their capers on tv. There cafe is spotlessly clean..

aren't you interested to know more about the Peanuts gang? If you know them well...

The price that worth it is the environment and the stories behind the characters.

wanna know about peanuts??

Charlie Brown is an example of "the great American un-success story" in that he fails in almost everything he does, a total contrast with M. Schulz's work which is referred as "the great American success story". He is meek, nervous and lacks self-confidence, being unable to fly a kite, win a baseball game or kick a football. He is almost bald, with barely a little hair in front. He is Snoopy's owner but apparently Snoopy's intelligence is way much higher than him...

Snoopy, on the other hand, is known as "the world's most famous beagle". He does not look very much like a beagle, because beagle normally has tricolor (tan, black and white) but Snoopy has only black and white fur. Snoopy slept on top of his doghouse (doghouse in the below picture), rather than inside it. He seldom seen to venture inside his doghouse, except to retrieve something, or retrieve his recorder to play the national anthem of America every night before he goes to sleep (memories as recalled from the cartoon).

Woodstock is the only bird that attaches himself to Snoopy. The rest of the look alike's are Woodstock's friends. In the early 60s, many migrating birds started using Snoopy's doghouse for various purposes: a rest stop during migrations, a nesting site, or a place to play cards. They simply looked at Snoopy and he understood them. Woodstock was the only one that assumed the role of Snoopy's sidekick and assistant. He's Snoopy's best friend.

Linus the best friend of Charlie Brown, also the younger brother of Lucy van Pelt and older brother of Rerun van Pelt. You might wonder why Linus always drag along a blue blanket whenever and wherever he appears, that's actually his "security blanket". He holds the blanket over his shoulder while sucking his thumb. 

Lucy She is the main bully and the older sister of Linus and Rerun. A bossy, crabby and selfish eight-year old girl, Lucy often bullies the other characters in the strip, particularly her own brother Linus and Charlie Brown. But I always think Charlie Brown has some crush on her while Charlie Brown's younger sister Sally has love interest on Linus.

Sally Brown , Charlie's younger sister and has blonde hair with a curly fringe. She wears pigtails, pink or blue polka dotted dresses with matching colored socks and she also wears white shoes with black laces. She can be stubborn at times, and is usually convinced she's right until someone proves her wrong, but she also has a good heart and a strong moral sense, just like her brother.

Charlie Brown Cafe
3A-1-17 & 3A-1-18,
Straits Quay Marina Mall,
Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang 3,
10470 Tanjong Bungah, Penang
Tel: 04-899 8602 ‎
GPS Coordinates : 5.458143,100.313947

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Restaurant Soon Fatt Seafood@Bukit Tambun

3 Taste sauce fried fish(Sweet,sour and spicy) 三口味煎鱼(甜,酸和辣)

Ginger Fried LALA

This Restaurant Was Located @ Bukit tambun,It was a "atap" shop that looks like have alot history on it...

one thing worst about this shop is : plz dont visit this shop on a sunny day,it was damm hot inside and we were sweating while eating ,got ceiling fan inside just the heat that cause from the sun that makes the zink rooftop heating...sauna room

But the food is really delicious ,kinda worth it,my fren that stay at JURU bring us here...

for me is highly recomended place to have a meal wit big gangs....

The Ship @ Batu Ferringhi Penang

The other day in Penang, me and gang go to Batu Ferringhi,when we decided to crash at The Ship for a Dinner,The unique thing about The Ship in Penang was the fact that the restaurant was housed in this rather huge ship unlike its other outlets in Malaysia.

Upon entering The Ship, I was pretty impressed with the decor and effort put in place to make it look like we are entering a "real" ship with the wooden settings, and round windows.

bun as their main course for us


Chicken Maryland @ RM22.90
Deep fried southern style chicken,

together with
sausage, fried banana, corn on cob, that is served
with fries and vegetables.

New Zealand Grill Premium Lamb Steak

Seafood Au Gratin @ RM27.90

a mixture of Seafoods that bake with Cheese & Eggs, Baked Potato and Salad

The waitter and waittress were trainees though,it was a good dining experience especially on the ambiance...


A tender and succulent steak served with prime vegetables, corn on cob, baked potato and a bowl of salad

Batu Ferringhi is where the Portuguese ships stopped for fresh water on the way to Malacca in the early days. The stamp by the foreigners had confirmed it to be a favored holiday destination.

The Ship Batu Ferringhi Penang
69-B, Jalan Batu Ferringhi, 
11100 Penang.
604 881 2142

Restaurant Business Hour : Monday to Sunday (12.00 pm to 1.00 am) 
Website: http://www.theship.com.my

GPS Coordinates : 5.47349,100.24852

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Kek Lok Si Guan Yin Temple

This was MY Second visit to KEK LOK SI  in one year...it was a nice place to visit and wont gets boring even thou visit it for few time...pulau penang,malaysia (january) 2013

No. 1, Tokong Kek Lok Si,
11500 George Town, Pulau Pinang
GPS Coordinates : 5.408553,100.339508

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Penang HiLL @ Bukit Bendera

From here YOu can view the whole city of GEORGETOWN and the penang brige....

so we have to take a cable car ride that costed us RM 6.40 each..

why RM6.40???

normally cost of the ticket is RM8.00,if you're malaysian,have 20% discount 

PLZ refer my previos blog for history and more,thx...Pulau Penang,Malaysia (April) 2013 ..
This was MY Second visit to PENANG HILL@BUKIT BENDERA  in one year.......

There Was a small foodcourt @ The Owl Museum that Located on top of Penang Hill

The ais-kacang and cendol was delicious,there was a malay hawker that sell char kuey teow was nice too....

Telephone: 604-8288880, 604-8288839, 604-8288861
Fax: 604-8288862
GPS Coordinates : 5.409669,100.277308

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Anjung Gurney @ Gurney Drive 

Along Gurney Drive in Penang, lot a food court that is famous for all the hawker food, previously sold by the seafront promenade...

After the renovations in 2006, Anjung Gurney Hawker Centre is today, the best place to taste all the famous Malaysian hawker fares.

Plz Refer For More on my Previos Visit Pulau Pinang,Malaysia (januarty) 2013


Fried Chicken Skin


Penang Popiah


Char Kuey Teow


Muah Chee


Asam Laksa


Yong Tau Fu

Persiaran Gurney, Penang,
George Town, 10250



Campbell Street


Lebuh Cannon



                                                                                            Love Street

 All the souvenier u can get @ Love Lane


Famous Wan Tan Mee 
@ Lebuh Pantai

it was a small hawker stall at corner of the shoptlot...must get a try!!


Moontree47 Motel @ Love Lane

Evething in this motel was antic and DIY stuff...
Housed in a traditional Malaysian shophouse built in the 1920s, Moon Tree 47 offers charming rooms in Georgetown. It features a café with an international menu ,The Moon Tree is located a 45-minute drive from Bayan Lepas Airport and is 5 minutes' drive away from Weld Quay Bus Terminal.
There are quite a selection of food menus,The place is indeed charming and very retro.
Unique Penang Art Gallery
There are princely sum of awesome paintings and miniature form of these art in postcards form in the gallery. 
This art gallery doesn’t only sell artworks and postcards personally made by art students, but they will also send postcards on the date you want...

Campbell Street


"Little Girl in Blue" at Muntri Street, Penang. It is a large artwork 

Ais Tingkap @ Jalan Tamil,Penang Chowrasta Market

In Penang, if we talk about desserts at Penang Road the attention  will be automatically diverted to the Teow Chew Cendol. There are something which not many people knows and located just a few blocks away. The cold drink which I mention is known as Ais Tingkap

A Glass Of Ais Tingkap RM1.50

The whole glass of drink may look like an ordinary rose syrup filled with shaved ice and coconut meat.

The whole glass got more basil seeds,coconut water,rose essence and a spray of secret juice which consist of more than 20 ingredients inside. 

Ais Tingkap (Window Sherbet)
Lebuh Tamil/Tamil Street, Penang.
GPS Coordinates: N5 25.066 E100 19.884

Open daily 12pm to 8pm
(Closed on Sundays)

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Famous Teochew Cendol @ Lebuh Keng Kwee Penang

People always say Penang is famous of its cendol, a cold drink consists of green pandan-flavored noodles (a.k.a. cendol), red beans served with shaved ais, gula Melaka (palm sugar) and coconut milk. I believe when people said this, most of the time they are referring to this stall, the one located at Lebuh Keng Kwee, an alleyway at Jalan Penang who called themselves as "Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul".

When you walked into Lebuh Keng Kwee from the busy Jalan Penang, you would see 2 stalls selling the similar product. Don't get confused, the one on the right would be the authentic one. If you still not sure, you can always find the one with the logo as shown in the photo below, or look for the stall with Phua Chu Kang's photo taken with the stall's owner

Address: 475, Jalan Penang,
10000 Pulau Pinang (outside Joo Hooi Cafe)
Business Hour: 10.00am - 7.30pm
Close: Open daily except if rains heavily
GPS Coordinates : 5.41745,100.331083

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Scenery of the waterfront filled with yachts and the lighthouse is. Something that I’ll never see in Kuala Lumpur.

Biscuit as souvenier 
Penang,malaysia (january) 2013

this big wall painting is located at Penang Road ... it is huge but the artist managed to show the picture in great details. Beautiful.
Trishaw Man,Jalan Penang.

Campbell street

Ben's Vintage Toy Museum, Penang

Penang has a new attraction. It is a toy museum and it is called Ben’s Vintage Toy Museum. This museum belongs to a private owner who has amassed thousands of pieces of vintage toys from his years of dealing in antiques and curios.

As its name suggest, the collection of toys in this museum are all vintage toys from the 1940′s right through to the 1970′s. Some are one of a kind and very rare. So, for some a visit to the vintage toy museum will be like a walk down memory lane evoking memories of their childhood.

The Vintage Toy Museum is located on Lebuh Acheh which is right in the the hustle and bustle of Georgetown and highly accessible. The museum is a stone’s throw away from famous landmarks in Penang namely the Kapitan Kling Mosque and the Khoo Kongsi. 

You will be browsing through a treasure trove of toys and models.
it is the only 1 in asia as they consist of 
everythings such as small toy to big toys the most fascinated toys i ever seen..and the cheapest entrance fee i can say so..

 Meet BEN'S Junior,owner of the ben's vintage muzuem

for more infomation can view on Ben's toy Vintage muzeum blog.... :)

Ben’s Vintage Toy Museum,
No 55, Lebuh Acheh,
10200 Georgetown,
GPS Coordinates : 5.414681,100.336963

opening hours : 10.00am to 6.00pm including Public Holidays.
closed on Fridays

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