Elephant riding camp,monkey show And Baby Elephant Show | Thailand

Apparently, one of the big things to do in Phuket is to go elephant trekking. I love elephants and it sounded like fun.we been given 20 minute for elephant trekking.

let me tell you a little something about “elephant trekking” in Phuket. It’s no jungle trek. You basically ride an elephant, like it’s a carnival ride. The elephant walks down a cement path, turns around and comes back. Of course, if they called the attraction “elephant walking over cement” it wouldn’t catch as much attention. As you’re on a hill, you do get a few nice views but that’s it.

I had an elephant to myself with a guide. The guide sat on the elephant’s shoulders and hung on to a bullhorn, which made me nervous
Evidently, the elephant had done the route enough times that it knew what to do

Riding an elephant bareback was quite exciting but also scary. It felt like I was in a rodeo and the object of the game was for the elephant to throw me off. I was convinced that I was going to fall off and the elephant would trample me in revenge.It was a very hot day and the elephant was moving very slowly.

Just before we got to the end of the route, the Rider stopped the elephant to peddle some ivory jewellery to us. I refused and he rudely responded that I needed to tip him 200 THB instead....Till End I didn't ain't shit.....Hell NOO!! 

I really Unlike their attitude,their are damm rude...so nonid give then a cent...The few rider was yelling "MALAYSIAN ARE PIG/DOG" in thai language!!

I forget what this place name,their still have alot along this road....

In the same place there was a baby elephant,her name is MARINA...cute little girl and friendly...she was the one that doing Elephant Show for us...

She was very smart girl and will follow whatever that her trainer ask to do :
2.follow the music beat and shke head
3.kiss on cheek
4.best kick for goal
5.show her trunk closer
 and many many more that take 30 minute for this show...worth to watch....tips should be given..good

Last show in the same place is the monkey show,this little dude names MR.BON...
he was inteligent and been train,MR.BON know to do alot thing than normal monkeys cant do...it takes about 20 minute for this show,as normal tips been given ...


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