Maya Bay ,Koh Phi Phi Le | Thailand

We reach Wat Si Rea Pier For today island hoping day trip,it take about 1 hour from Wat Si Rea to Maya bay ,speedboat wit 3 750cc engine...kinda fast than ferry that bring alot ppl....

Made popular by the movie The Beach, starring Leonardo Di Caprio, Maya Bay Beach on Ko Phi Phi is a popular destination in Thailand. As it is depicted in the film, the bay and beach are engulfed in soaring cliffs bringing a sense of seclusion to the crystal clear waters and white sand beach.

Phi Phi Lee Island is located along the southwestern coast of Thailand, where the crystal clear blue waters of Malacca Strait magically surround a group of islands. 

These islands seem like beautiful green jewels of nature that majestically rise over the blue waves and the vistas become even more abstract as approaching to the bases of the rocks.

Phi Phi Lee Island is smaller than its neighboring Phi Phi Don Island and they are separated from each other with a distance of less than a couple of kilometers. This means that you can easily enjoy both islands during your romantic vacation while in the meantime the larger Phi Phi Don Island welcomes you through an exotic abundance of resorts, amenities, eateries and other lodgings.

The downside of it all is that today, this destination is so popular that there are hundreds of people and dozens of boats at the beach. As you can see in this photo, these are fairly ‘serious’ boats and they line the beach as tourists step out and enjoy some time at Maya Bay Beach. Although I have to say the boats and number of people certainly take away from the setting, it is no wonder that this beach has become so famous – it is stunning.


This paradise-like archipelago is definitely one of the most romantic destinations on Earth, but the smaller island of Phi Phi Lee is a paradise in the paradise. It is almost undeveloped and it features pristine coves that are scenically bounded by gigantic vegetation-topped rocks.

The cliffs are everywhere and the beaches make no exception. Well, this exotic destination is a truly irresistible magnets for your magical love, first, thanks to a unique combination of cliffs, beaches and also... water. The crystal clear turquoise water of the strait often enjoys a temperature of over 25 degrees Celsius and so the wet activities are countless, especially the romantic ones.

while the shallow and calm waters of Maya Bay change into gigantic natural mirror. Another  great sight to take a photo can be enjoyed on  the beach, of course. The white silhouettes of  the yachts and the other boats within the bay are romantic, especially when the backdrop is dominated by the giant green-topped cliffs. And these are only a few examples of the vistas that will fill the memory card on your camera for seconds.

Tourist from all around the world gather in beautiful crystal clear sand beach for nice and cool pose photo taking...

A picture is worth a thousand words, and Maya Bay is worth a million more.The place is breathtaking.

Not even photographs can do justice to the place. You've got to really be there. Walk on the soft sand. See your feet way down below, while you take a dip in the crystal clear water. Snorkel and hold Nemo in your hands. If you're lucky enough.....

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