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What To Do In Malacca(Melaka)???

Started Our journey With 8 of us from early morning of The saturday Before sunrise [05-10-2013]...Our plan was 2 day 1 night

It's Take us About 1 Hour and 45 minute from petaling jaya to Malacca...everything goes smooth and perfect,all the way pi li pa la pi li pa la....

Once We reach Malacca,we had our breakfast at this famous coffee Shop Along Jonker Street....

After We Finish our breakfast at Jonker 88 ,We Start out walk to Malacca Red District....

After finished visit RED DISTRICT ,we take a 7-9 minute walk to EYE OF MALACCA To get a wonderful view of full malacca.....

After Visiting Menara Taming Sari,Just Walk Apposite to Maritime Musuem

From Visiting maritime Musuem,we Walk 5 minute further for River Cruise..... 


River Cruise Take Us about 45 Minute,And Finally we All Was what we waitting for??? 
Let's Ambush for Chicken Rice Ball As our Lunch!!


After Lunch ,Its about 3pm...we started to look for hotel for 1 night stay in Melaka and we finally found Queenspark Hotel at rate RM108 per night,the hotel was clean and comfortable to stay

We Refresh ourself at the hotel and went out for hunting again,our next destination is Coconut milkshake take about 20 minute to reach from hotel..kinda near just some traffic jam on the road... 


We spend about 1 hour at Coconut shake ,then we straight away to Capital satay for dinner...guess wat >> we waited 3 and half hour for been seated,total we used 4 hours for this meal...leg gonna cramp soon....OMG!!

  • The Jetty
After the dinner that we spend for 4 hours,we all feel Full,tired and sleepy....But it was just 10p.m,the night was still young wor....
we decide to hang out at the last station for tonite is "THE JETTY" 
The Jetty, around 400 meters long has become a convenient hangout place
You could party all night long in Arena Night Club, sing and eat at GO GO Karaoke, dine in the Chinese Cuisine or steamboat restaurant and later probably a game of pool.The Jetty provides a variety of night life entertainments conveniently accessible for family, friends and colleagues under one roof.Next time you are here in Malacca,come to The Jetty for a visit or a stroll while enjoying a cool night breeze of Malacca and enjoying the night view.One last thing, if you feel tired after walking, then you could get a free buggy ride from one end to another..

Let call it a day!!,we play and eat for the whole day....
ourself and our phone was serious low battery,what we need is a hot water bath and lovely bed.....GOOD NIGHT ;)  ================================
Good Morning :)

It was our second day Morning in malacca,we had a So So breakfast that provide by hotel....
We Didn't eat too much,coz we are going for melacca most FAMOUS Layer cake Nadeje


After we finished layer cake,we straight drive to MUAR TOWN FOR OTAK OTAK ,HO QIAN And others...... 
definitely will come back to malacca and go others place that i miss out in this trip...
speak frankly this was my first time step in malacca,and all the place that i visit mostly use GPS google map,it really helps alot....anyone that not familiar for places,i will recomend you guys to use goongle map or Waze....

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