Pulau Ketam , Klang | Malaysia

On 21st of February which was a cloudy Friday, we went to Pulau Ketam for seafood purpose!
For whether you are looking for a short or even a budget trip nearby over the weekend with friends..

7 of us drove in 2 separate cars to Pulau Ketam,we just followed the directions towards Klang-and soon after we saw the signboard that states (Southport)Jeti Pulau Ketam.it was just a straight road on Federal Highway towards Klang and till the end of the road,no turns needed,We parked in the parking lot of the train station.it was a 20m walk to the jetty.

Most of my friends have been there, and they told me that it is a quiet place, not much of activities, boring, disappointing, go there for the food ... but all these comments have not stopped me from wanting to visit this place. I still want to go there and decide the place for myself.

There was a counter to purchase the boat's ticket. The schedule is 1st boat is 2.30pm and the 2nd is 5.30pm,if u missed the last one that mean you need to overnight in the island lo, It costs RM7 for a one-way trip. Kids get it for RM4.

The journey took 30 about minutes. At Pulau Ketam's jetty, there were many banners of accommodation. Seafood restaurants were in abundance. There were bicycles for rent at RM5 per day.
We arrived at low tide and we saw literally thousands of crabs on the exposed mud flats.
Restoran Kim Hoe金河茶餐室
After exploring for awhile, we went to have lunch because one of the must-do things at there is eating seafood!

This is what we call the village that floats on water..Pulau Ketam is a small island surrounded by the sea.Therefore they need to build their houses one floor higher above the ground so when there is a high tide...

villager of pulau ketam lives very simple living people. Most of them are Chinese people who speak Hokkien. And basically they all know who resides on where and what each other,Rent a bicycle, and you can finish touring the island already!

Many tourist visits here though, and I can see the reason why Pulau Ketam serves as a Malaysia tourist spot until today. Well, one of the reason is of course..

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