Geopark ,Langkawi (Geopark Hotel) | Malaysia

The GeoPark Hotel in Langkawi, Malaysia is a quaint hotel created in harmony with the island’s picturesque landscape and green, forested surroundings.

With 30 rooms and suites, the hotel offers visitors a quiet respite from today’s increasingly hectic world. And as the only hotel situated within the Langkawi Geopark - the world’s 52nd Geopark and the first in Southeast Asia, according to the UNESCO Global Network of Geoparks – guests can once again commune with nature. They can hike along private trails and around refreshing waterfalls and rivers, as well as enjoy the sights and sounds of the unique flora and fauna.

Although there is currently only one operator at the Oriental Village, spa buffs are nevertheless not forgotten.This Spa offers a Fish Spa Therapy as its specialty but also offers a variety of other options including massage options, manicure and pedicure.

In 2007, Langkawi was declared Langkawi Geopark and inducted in the Global UNESCO Network of Geoparks.

But what is a Geopark? "Geopark is an entity listed by UNESCO that encompasses a noteworthy geological feature along with the peoples and cultures centered on it."

Discover more about Langkawi Geopark at this information center. The Center features much information and exhibits the types of rocks that can be found on the island. Geologically, Langkawi is very interesting.

There are more than 20 tenants in more than 25 stores that sell a variety of souvenirs, apparel, trinkets and gift items that will interest visitors from afar. Many of the stores here offer exceptional value for the money as the operators do not pay commissions to referrers.

As the prices on offer at the Village are amongst the lowest on the island, shoppers may not get much more discount off stated prices at the Village. Still, competition is keen at the Village and one would be inclined to try a spot of haggling.

Specialty T-shirt retailer, Beware, not only offers great deals or prices on its products, it also offers free gifts with every purchase of RM50!

Langkawi Shopping Zone also offers a wide variety of products in the largest single outlet at the Village from apparel, beach wear, beach toys, eyewear, souvenirs, gifts and others. It is located adjacent to the Tiger! Tiger! Gallery & Exhibit.

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