HUTAN LIPUR Air Terjun Temurun , Langkawi | Malaysia

Air Terjun Temurun (Temurun Falls) is about halfway between the Crocodile Farm and the Datai Resort. Located in Gunung Machinchang Forest Reserve, about 42 km from Kuah town. This site boast of a spectacular waterfall which has a 30 m drop and has a idyllic pool at the bottom. The sound of clear spring water making its way from the top of the hills only serve to tempt visitors into having a splashing good time there. One will also enjoy the picturesque view along the way to Temurun waterfall.

Informative sign on the waterfall.. It tells you what rock formations make out the different sections of the waterfall.

No Water Drop From The Top
The waterfall suppose to be starts at a neck breaking height. Apparently there is a route up to hike up to the top point of the waterfall. The path looked like it hasn’t been used for ages.
if During the rainy season, the water from the highest point will just vertically drop down to the middle tier.

the saddest thing that we found out that the waterfall is not as what it was once upon a time. 
As we can see the preasure of the water is no more there. It is sure a perfect waterfall with the best looking rocks formation I have ever seen.
The waterfall drops to the clear pool and then flows to 3 more retaining pools. These pools will also get filled up with people during the holiday seasons.

(Photo been taken from goongle)

this how it look like when the water fall from the top....

Kompartmen 25, 
Hutan Simpan Gunung Machinchang, Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia.
Coordinate N6.43283 E99.70720.

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