Koh Lipe , Thailand (DAY 3) | Thailand

Too sad,it's last day day for us...
regret to have 3 day 2 night,suppose to get 5 day 4 night...
no chance and time to explore our own beautiful pataya beach...huhu

Last day at Koh Lipe ,we eat alot on our breakfast..
Done our meal and preparing for check out ar 10a.m
Be punctual to be there at 10a.m ,if not you gonna get yell from the old lady receptionist at the Bundhaya counter...

 Last Scene on Koh Lipe for me :) ...BYE BYE Koh LiPE!@!

Definitely Will Come again for 4 day 3 night to explore what i miss in this trip... 

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  1. Read your blog and I'm planning for a trip to Koh Lipe for 11 pax!!!! (Amarggggadddd!!!) So would be great if you can share more details about the island hopping or others like food / activities for 4 days 3 nights there. :)

    1. Day 2 Island Hopping Tittle was a link...so can click in for more information

  2. Hmmm....your planning to Koh Lipe is from Hatyai Or Langkawi?
    About the Island Hopping ,I get the package from hotel ,kinda worth it.book the package day before..
    4 day 3 night is perfect...not worth to get a travel agent for Koh Lipe since everything can book it online..
    You can see my Day 1 To Day 3 Blogs
    if you plan to Koh Lipe from Langkawi :

  3. hi eddy,

    im going to koh lipe frim langkawi too, 10pax! excited!

    may i know we suppose to go telaga harbour or kuah jetty for the boat?

    how early we hv to in the jetty for check in?

    can i buy tickets in jetty instead of booking online? seem like ur friend got cheaper price!

    1. hi Queenie ,
      you should get telaga harbour since is near from the airport,
      you guys by flight rite?
      will you guys stay a night at langkawi?
      must be at jetty 1 hour ealier to check in...
      For me,I suggest you buy the ticket online better...incase of lack ticket that they can't provide since you going in a huge gang...
      which month you guys going?
      coz Koh Lipe got Low season and High season and got effection on the speedboat timetable

    2. I have 11 pax here to plan and it drives me crazy!
      We will fly from KLIA2 to Langkawi. Thinking should I just plan 3 days 2 nights in Koh Lipe and the last day stay at Langkawi. Afraid to miss the flight back :)

    3. Calm Down , Take a break...haha
      3 days 2 nights also can but gonna be abit rush,
      if your arrival at langkawi airport was the right time and able to catch up the speedboat to Koh LIPE...as My advise, get 4 days 3 nights
      I hope your departure flight time was at night on the fourth day ,so you won't worried about the missing flight back...

  4. Hi Eddy,

    I'm planning a trip oh 2 pax going to koh lipe from langkawi.
    Since just two of us, can we buy the ferry tickets from telaga instead of online booking?
    besides, does the ferry punctual? Im afraid that i would have missed the return flight at 2.30pm since the ferry from koh lipe will be arriving at langkawi around 1.30pm. Please advise.
    Thanks! :)

    1. Hi Eywen,
      Should be no problem if you get the ticket at telaga Terminal or kuah jetty instead online booking since just 2 person and just dont forget to check in 1 hour ealier before the ferry departed from langkawi.
      The ferry is punctual on time , if not mistaken the ferry will be arrive at Kuah Jetty and its take about 25 minute to langkawi airport...it's gonna be a rush ...

    2. Thank you Eddy! :)
      Edi booked flight to Langkawi! :) Anticipated for my journey to Koh Lipe! Wootzz!

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