Langkawi Crocodile Farm | Malaysia

Langkawi Crocodile Farm houses one of the largest numbers of crocodile and alligator species gathered together in the world. Here, reptiles range from newborns to world record-holders, including Bujang Kawi, the oldest croc born without teeth: he weighs over 454kg (1,000lbs) and is over four metres long.

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Also known as Taman Buaya Langkawi, the Langkawi Crocodile Farm is spread across 20 acres and situated near Datai Bay, just 32km north of Kuah. Nothing quite compares to an afternoon spent in the company of its more than 1,000 crocodiles: watching, feeding, and fearing these reptiles will make for an unforgettable day out and a trip here is practically a must.

After paying your admission fee, your first glance of the reptiles will be of the rows of cement pens that house baby crocodiles en masse. There are placards dishing out crocodilian facts so visitors can walk freely around the ‘caged tanks’. You will notice that the farm is divided into several sections: the species pond is where you will see crocs and alligators mixing around. The placards have information on how to differentiate between the two, but it is kind of hard to tell the difference if you are not a hardcore croc enthusiast.

Opening daily from 10 am to 6 pm, the entrance fee to Langkawi Crocodile Farm is RM 15 for adult(for local visitors with Malaysian ID) and RM 10 for child. 
Non-citizen visitors will pay RM20 for adult and RM15 for child.
There will be an additional surcharge of RM 1 for bringing in camera.

Apparently there are about 4000 crocodiles at the farm. We got to see from the little ones to huge ones. The best part was the wooden bridge over the crocodile pond with so many large crocodiles below. It was very exciting walking over the magnificent animals.
This is a good place to experience for young kids. There is a Q&A session and crocodile show. Before you enter, please ask the time of the show... you should not miss that. I think that's the star attraction .

Jalan Datai, Kubang Badak |
 Mukim Air Hangat, 
Langkawi 07000, Malaysia

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