Cameron Highland | Malaysia

Decided to pay a visit here since it was the 1st time for me 1 day trip...It was chaotic during Wesak Day.From Kuala Lumpur we started our Journey at 6a.m using the north-south Plus highway...
This Trip route is challenging for me...we dicide to went up at Tapah Exit and back down at Simpang Pulai Exit...What As People said challenging is going up by using Old Road to Cameron highland and it's was really adventure with all the sharp turn and narrow road...some people will get car dizzy and vomit if not to use it.... 

We Stop At Bidor For Breakfast....

Mee Wah restaurant , Bidor

Back On track after Breakfast..
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There are 3 different ways to get to Cameron Highlands. The most popular one is through Tapah (exit 132 PLUS highway) using route 59 to Ringlet and then Tanah Rata. Another one is further north via the Simpang Pulai exit and visitors from the east coast can use the Gua Musang - Cameron Highlands road.
Coming south from Kuala Lumpur, I chose the quick and convenient Tapah route which took about 2 and a half hours drive. The road quickly goes uphill from Tapah along the small and narrow road hugging the hill slopes. Minor landslides is a normal occurrence round these hills....

Cameron Valley Tea

Our 1st stop for tea,If you take the old winding road to Cameron Highlands via Tapah, you will notice that there is a huge tea plantation on your left side along the main road. At this time you know that you are reaching Cameron Higlands but not all know that the tea plantation is actually the Bharat Cameron Valley tea plantion. Click On The Tittle For More Photo :)

Galeria Time Tunnel

2nd Stop ,Many things, toys and memories are found in this small gallery! We were there for more than an hour.
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Cactus Valley

3rd stop ,the area does not only got cactus but a variety of fruits, vegetable, flower farms, so its a must visit for the tourist.Click On The Tittle For More Photo :) 

Laviino Cafe@Blueberry Earth House

4th stop ,Time For Lunch...
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5th Stop , The Market that sell corn,strawbery,vegetable and alot More ETC...aND THIS PURE hONEY fRESHLY cuts...

Pure Honey From the Market
BOH Tea Plantation@Sungai Palas

6th Stop , That's the Sungai Palas Boh Tea Center. Located on a hilltop, amidst rows of tea bushes and close to Mount Brinchang
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Cameron Lavender Garden

Last Stop Before heading back to simpang pulai to back home Kuala Lumpur....
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We enjoy the 1 day trip very much,we went all place in 1 day....
for me,i don't think need to spent 3 day 2 night at cameron highland,2 Day 1 night should be better for not being Rush....
For sure it was tiring day for me but worth it...
You guys will know why it cause of tiring after trying to drive from Tapah - Tanah Rata - Cameron highland...haha
For my advise= better get the exit from tapah at morning and drive back down at simpang pulai exit when dawn...
-there was alot thing to see if coming up from tanah rata,will see beautiful Lata Iskandar Waterfall and aLOT Orang asli was selling their handmade stuff beside the road all the way to the hill... 

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