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The Bharat Group is a diversified global business with roots in Malaysia. It produces some of the world’s favourite tea labels. Initially a supplier of tea leaves to leading Malaysian and international brands, today the company is growing its retail presence with popular brands like Cameron Valley.

From dream to determination, the company has greatly advanced since its inception in 1933 in the scenic Cameron Highlands, by Shuparshad Bansal Agarwal. Beginning in the age of the British Empire, surviving Japanese occupation in World War II and then expanding rapidly in the exciting era of Malaysian independence, the Bharat Group developed its expertise and extended its supply chain, growing in both size and scale.

Rich in tradition and big in ambition, the company is driven by innovation. 1600 acres of prized plantation reaps an astonishing 70,000 kgs of green tea leaves plucked per week. 3143 cups of steaming tea exchange hands at retail outlets across Malaysia. 252 dedicated and enterprising employees constantly ensure Cameron Valley is a beverage of choice for consumers in over 20 countries.

Today, the company contributes to the national economy and gives back to local communities through planned CSR initiatives. Future strategy focuses on product innovation, expanding to new channels and an increasing global presence.

The geography, geology, altitude and climate of a location all contribute to the unique qualities of a tea crop. This causes the desirability, value, and flavour of single-estate teas to vary widely.
The Cameron Highlands at an altitude of almost 2000 metres above sea level is blessed with cool nights, plentiful sunshine with temperatures not exceeding 30°C and about 2000 mm of rainfall every year. This makes it one of Malaysia’s best tea growing regions.

This ideal location gives Cameron Valley its special delicacy, sweet aroma and subtle flavour. Each variant is the result of prized cultivation, further enhanced by closely guarded, special farming and processing techniques.

This hill settlement was founded by the British in 1885 and over the years, has grown and developed into a bustling community, in some part due to the efforts and initiatives of the Bharat Group.

High up in the Cameron Highlands exist optimal conditions of sunshine, rainfall and soil nutrients which ensure the delicate and superior quality of teas produced.
Bharat Tea’s special blend of Assam and Chinese varieties of tea plants, lead to magnificent aromas and unique flavours. Its single-estate cultivation with traditional methods of farming like hand-plucking, natural fermentation guarantees the same quality of tea and consistent flavour every time.

Over-harvesting gets more branches instead of leaves into the mix, affecting the quality of the final product therefore CameronValley takes special care not to over-harvest so that the product you receive is always up to the highest standard.

Proudly Malaysian, Cameron Valley makes the best use of local resources. Locally sourced, locally grown, locally produced and packed. A family-run estate for over 80 years, it’s close worker-owner collaboration ensures an unwavering focus on quality and attention to detail.

You will tend to forget about the hustle and bustle of a city life thanks to the soothing view of the green sea tea plantation and the smell of the fresh air.
After you had enough of admiration at the tea plantation, maybe it is just time to grab some tea at the counter. It's a self service though, and you have to carry your own tea back to your table.
This Bharat Tea Plantation offers an alternative option for those who dislikes driving on the narrow road to Boh Sungei Palas Tea Plantation. You will understand and feel the term of holiday better when you sip on a cup of teh tarik here while enjoying the breathtaking view of tea plantation. Just awesome!

Do make sure you grab some Bharat Cameron Valley tea products be it for yourself or as a gift because up til now, it can only be purchased in Cameron Highlands, making it more exclusive than of the Boh tea products.

Cameron Valley Tea House
Kuala Terla District,
Cameron Highlands,
Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia


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