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Time Tunnel is a local museum dedicated to preserving the historical memory and cultural heritage of Cameron Highlands. Located in Brinchang, the museum occupies a basement within Kok Lim Strawberry Farm, perched next to the main road shortly after leaving Brinchang town towards Kea Farm. The 1,000 odd exhibits are the private collection of See Kok Shan, a Cameron local with a penchant for vintange items and memorabilia. Having acummulated much junk over years of domestic travel, See partnered with Kok Lim Strawberry Farm to open Time Tunnel - a way of sharing his treasure trove of memories with visitors from all walks of life.

Walking down the passageway, it is clear that meticulous care has gone into recreating past scenery and landscapes for visitors to explore. Most prominent are the snapshots of life during the colonial era and subsequent years after Independence; a classic pubhouse, Chinese coffee shop ('Kopitiam'), traditional hair saloon, Peranakan dresssing room and even an old kitchen, complete with cans and utensils of extinct brands. Notable personalities are also highlighted, such as; legendary Thai silk trader Jim Thompson, who disappeared mysteriously from the Cameron Highlands in 1967; Singapore's first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, who spend some holidays in his youth here; and P. Ramlee, an ancient but influential musican.

Structurally, Time Tunnel is one long passageway that loops to the end, with exhibits along the sides or nested within recesses. Many of the 'artifacts' on display are simple (but ancient) items of popular culture; cigarette boxes, drink bottles, vinyl discs, cuckoo clocks and ceramic toys and other common stuff that have now become collectibles, due to their rarity and sentimental value. The museum even has sections on the agricultural activities, tourism development and aborigine lifestyles in Cameron Highlands. Meanwhile, soft evergreen tunes play from speakers, echoing through the basement to set visitors in the 'right' mood for a history lesson. Time Tunnel opens daily from 9am to 6pm; tickets are priced at MYR5 per adult and MYR3 per child.

Many things, toys and memories are found in this small gallery! We were there for more than an hour.

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