Kuala Terengganu | Malaysia

9.00pm 20/06/14 

A Night Stay At Kuala Terengganu Before Going Pulau Redang on The next Day...
Flight Arrived Kuala Terengganu while Been Fetch by the Gang and went to Chinatown Looking for Dinner To eat and Jalan Jalan A while On the street..
11.00pm 20/06/14

After That , we get a Homestay Double Storey House For Night Sleep...

11.30am 21/06/14

Reach Pulau Redang And Waitting for Check 

"Click Here For My Pulau Redang Story"             

1.00pm 23/06/14

Finished Our Pulau Redang Vacation 3 day 2 nite and back to shahbandar Jetty to get our vehicle continue looking Lunch And the Most wanted DURIAN....WOOHOO...                             

The Kuala terengganu Chinatown
2.30pm 23/06/14  

Take A Walk @ Turtle Alley (Lorong Penyu) 

Narrow lane in Chinatown (Kampung Cina) that has been beautified and themed witn art works about turtle to remind us of the endangered status of turtles that nest at the beaches of Terengganu

3.00pm 23/06/14

It's Time For The Most awesome fruit that everyone(us) Likes!!
It's was the KING OF THE FRUIT!!

Getting Coconut water For the refreshment After ate the durian

4.30pm 23/04/14

On The Blue skies going back To town...

Feeling at the moment was Very Happy for the vacation and Kinda sad that Holidays is End...


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