Marine Park , Redang | Malaysia

I Love This Photo Very Much And I call It Best photo of the day!
I tOOK It on the jetty while walking to Shore for snorkeling
Close Up lOOK 
This Take us about 30 minute to Marine Park From our resort...
The Marine Park  of Pulau Redang and its headquarter is cited on Pulau Pinang which is in southern of Redang Island . Here is the where officer and patrol boat from Department of Fisheries of Malaysia are place to protect the marine park to inspect and supervise all activities in this area. There are also a few chalets that are built overseeing the sea which can be rent and enjoy by only government civil servants.

They really Enjoy The Sand...lolxx

The sea here are very calm that u don’t need to be a good swimmer that u can go rent a life jacket , snorkel, and diving gear at any resort and jump into the sea.
There is also a protected marine park at Island, which many people found enjoying for snorkelling, in Redang Marine Park, you can find a many colourful array of spectacular marine life . There are small and big eel to be find living here amid the coral, giant black and brown grouper, black tipped shark. you may also encounter with the some or lonely Green sea turtle and Hawksbill sea turtle, pufferfish, angelfish, damselfish; eels; giant clams; rays, sea urchins, sea cucumbers .

Girl In Patterns(Really banyak pattern...haha)
Girl In Patterns Take 2
Sweet newlyweds :)
In the protected marine park, there are corals of every imaginable shape, size or color like multicoloured Christmas trees coral, standing like a guardian to the sea. Who will fold up and retract back into the rock and them gracefully popping back again. or Staghorn Coral field, some very big size clamp, taupe shape coral, nudibranch with reef shark, stingrays and other small fish brightly lit like neon bulbs.

If you are sharp-eyed diver, will be rewarded with sights of flatworm, shrimp, squid, cuttlefish, stonefish, Dangerous Lionfish, lobster and pipefish.

Lizard Found At Marine Park

A word of caution to visitors: No fishing is allowed within a 3.2 km radius of the island and any Fishing, damaging and removing of corals and other marine life are strictly prohibited and the penalty for breaking the law includes jail and fine.


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