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3 Day 2 NIght Pulau Redang Trip..

This trip Been enjoyed with My beloved Primary CLASSmate Or Kampung mate and this was my first trip with them.

There is a total of 12 people. The trip was full of laughter because of them.

This trip was planned 5 months in advance

07.00pm 20/06/14
My First Step On KLIA2 After AirAsia Officially Moved From LCCT tO hERE,I Bought two way ticket just for RM120 From(KUL) tO (TGG)....

Stayed one night at Kuala Terengganu

09.30am 21/06/14
We Aboard at Shahbandar Jetty

11.00am 21/06/14
Arrived Redang,there was no Jetty at redang,so There this huge Boat Transferring the guest from the Big boat to the shore..This Kind of Boat Transfer is better than Koh Lipe That I went Few Month Back,That was really scary especially someone heavy weight like me...huhu

Redang Beach Resort Staff Standing at the shore waitting and welcoming the guest and shouting "Redang Resort,Redang Resort Here,Redang Resort Folow me!" 
Others resort Staffs doing the same thing and pick up all the luggage and send it to resort,we need walk along the shore to the our resort....
Perfect views

11.30am 21/06/14
We Reach the resort lobby and register for check in..
We Only can see and check in to our room at 1pm but lunch is serve at 12pm....so,we can enjoy lunch while waitting for our room ...

02.30pm 21/06/14
1st activity Of the day,Out of the Resort

Dinner Of The Nite(Nasi Campur)
06.30pm 21/06/14
The Dinner that they provide Looks Simple But It was really delicious.
After we had our Dinner,we get a walk along the shore To "Mo Mo Cha" and go over the brige To Redang Reef to see "蓝眼泪"

"Mo Mo Cha" Souvenir Shop
08.30pm 21/06/14
The other attractions in Redang will be the original ‘Mo Mo Cha Inn’ (More More Tea Inn) featured in the movie ‘Summer Holiday’ starring Sammi Cheng and Richie Ren. It was located between Redang Reef and Redang Beach resorts, where Laguna Redang now stands.

the blue tears(蓝眼泪) is microorganisams from underwater. when these microorganisms are being washed away by the waves, they can only live for not more than 100 seconds after leaving the seawater.

when the blue tear gradually loses its energy, the radiance will dissappear and thereby its life also ends there.

This was my fisrt time see this thing,short time but romantic.
Not been shown up always,just can see if you are lucky..
Internet Photo
10.00pm 21/06/14
After done with walking and seeing blue tears,we went back to resort and sat the bench that near the shore enjoying some Beers and Drinks while listening to sound of the sea and realxing chilling with the gang

Special In Redang-MoMo Ice Blended Ochado

Time Flies So fast,clock narrow at 12 and it was time to sleep...

Day 2

08.00am 22/06/14

Wake Up At 8am,went to the canteen for Buffet breakfast...
And Prepare for Marine Park Visit...

Marine Park

09.30am 22/06/14
is our second snorkeling trip. This time our snorkeling site is the Redang Marine Park. If you want to take photos, this is the place that All the fishes and Corals are beautiful. Two places that you need to snorkel is one near the jetty and another one is a shipwreck. And the marine park is really beautiful.

12.30pm 22/06/14
Lunch Time,We ate those Foods like didn't eat for 1 week because everyone was hungry after snorkeling and used alot energy there...

2.00pm 22/06/14
we are really crazy,playing volleyball just after lunch and not afraid of getting trouble about the stomach....

Get A Clean up after Volleyball,whole body of sand. 
4.00pm 22/06/14

7.00pm 22/06/14

It's Time dinner Again and It was our last Dinner In Redang...
So, We whack It again..Tonite They Serve BBQ Cuisine Comes With Lamp chop,satay,Hotdog
,Fishball,pandan chicken and chicken Wings ETC...

9.30pm 22/06/14

After Dinner we rent "Mahjong and lami" for RM200 Deposit that can be Refundable When Return the at the reception...
Playing card is ourself de,No need to rent...haha

So,APA LAGI,cash out dude and start for gamble looo...

Day 3

08.00am 23/06/14
Wake up At 8am,brushing teeth ,take a morning bath and pack the luggage,then head to Canteen for the last breakfast..
The most sadness hours is here because it's time to say goodbye REDANG!!

Waitting at the reception to be aboard on Ferry and back to shahbandar Jetty ==> Kuala Terengganu..
everyone face look like not willing to leave and gonna miss this place so much with so much memories,even thou this is my first time outing with them,I was very happy and appreciate what they did for this few days with NO argue but with lot of laughter and comedies....while waitting I took Some Photo to My Photo Album..

We All Come from different ways and gather in one place....
Ipoh       ===> Kuala Terrenganu
Johor & SG ===> Kuala Terrenganu
Kuantan    ===> Kuala Terrenganu
KLIA2      ===> Kuala Terrenganu

Hope All The Reader out there Enjoy the Blog I Share....


  1. You looks like have an very enjoyable trip! I like the blue tears in Pulau Redang!


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