Paddy Process Factory , Sekinchan


Paddy Processing Factory in Sekinchan - PLS Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd

Sekinchan is a small little town located in Selangor State, Malaysia. It is famous with its beautiful paddy fields (one of the main rice supplies in Malaysia) and it is also a fishing village. So many people like to travel to Sekinchan to buy freshly catch seafood.

PLS Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd (Kilang Beras Rakyat Sekinchan Sdn Bhd) is the one of the paddy processing factory allow tourist to visit their factory.

Pearl Rice (珍珠米)is very popular in Sekinchan, a special product from PLS Marketing. In the year end of 2013, PLS has developed a Paddy Museum in their factory, visitor guides will show a video to the visitors about the process of the paddy plantation with a mechanized planting method. they will explain the process of paddy planting and paddy processing to the visitors. Visitors need purchase a ticket (RM4) to visit the museum and listen to explanation of the paddy planting process.

The rice factory is housed in a large white clad building that sits quite conspicuously amid the flat padi fields of Sekinchan.
Certain areas of the factory is opened to the public to visit and learn something about rice processing. The entrance to the building is a large parking area an air-conditioned showroom is to the left.

At the end of 2013, PLS opened a Paddy Museum in their factory.
The Paddy Museum ,Some of the furniture are found in the Paddy Museum and Tools , hand machine that been use at those old day when the farmers use bull to do the plantation . 

The wide view of Paddy Field in Sekinchan show different feeling in different time. In the month of March and September are the rice transplanting period, the view of the paddy field is green. During the harvest season, June and December, the paddy field (padi field) is look like gold yellow colour.

In this Sekinchan paddy field, you can drive right beside the paddy fields.The wide and nice view of the paddy field is rally attractive, many photographers like me come to Sekinchan for shooting.

With wide paddy fields covering almost the entire landscape of Sekinchan, When the padi fields are being harvested, the water level is lowered. Eel-fishing is a common activity among the locals in Sekinchan during the padi harvesting season.


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