Crocodile Farm , Langkawi


Known locally as Taman Buaya, the Crocodile Farm is located in Datai Bay area at the north western end of the island. The entire farm area is spread across some 20 acres of land area out of which about half the area is accessible to tourists and visitors. Remaining is where croc farming takes place .

While many crocs have been imported, lots are bred & reproduced in the farm. The entire farm is divided into several sections or concretized ponds. There are placards at each section giving information about the crocodiles in that section. Some of the ponds are quite small and looking at the number of crocs kept there, you may feel a bit sad and wish larger space was given .

Crocodile Stunt Shows 
Twice daily (11am and 2:45pm) stunt shows take place at the Show Pond which probably is the main highlight of Crocodile Farm. While it may look cruel, the fact is most come here to enjoy this show. 

You will find a trained person wrestle with a large crocodile. Some times two men may even lift a croc. In another stunt, a man would insert his whole hand through the open mouth of the croc. In another show, one will pull the croc around in a circle by the tail. The stunt show lasts for about 20 minutes .

The crocodile feeding at the Bridge Pond is no longer carried out by staff walking inside the pond area. The fact is that some of the crocodiles have grown too big and aggressive, it has become very dangerous to do so.  Feeding is now done at 2 feeding stations where the staffs stand behind a concrete wall about waist high to feed them chicken and fish .


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