Kilim Geo Park and Mangroves Tour , Langkawi


Langkawi offers some truly unforgettable sights and experiences on this tour to the Kilim Nature Park; an escape to another world. Spread over an area of 100 sq km .

the Kilim Nature Park features a beautiful mix of well-protected green mangrove forests, isolated white beaches and blue lagoons. As you cruise down the calm, winding river, you will observe the wonders of the park's marine ecosystem, its flora and fauna and the natural inhabitants such as the over-hanging 'Bogak Trees', Brown Eagles, Tree Crabs, Monitor Lizards and Macaques .

Eagle Feeding

Take the Kilim Geopark & Mangroves Boat Tour from the Kilim Jetty or Tanjung Rhu .

Also enjoy the scenic and spectacular views of unique limestone rock formations emerging from the floor of the mangrove swamp and seabed. These fascinating geological wonders have been given various names .

Monkey feeding

where there are hundreds of friendly monkeys who will happily eat bananas or popcorn straight out of the palm of your hand .

Crocodile cave

Next we been taken to the Crocodile Cave. You aren't likely to find any crocodiles here. During the low tide, the boat can pass right through the cave. As you go under it, you can see great limestone formations as well as many bats .

Bat Cave (Gua Kelawar)

Next , Bat Cave (known as Gua Kelawar in Malay) is located on the Kilim river and close to the Kilim Jetty, but on the opposite side of the river .

The boat driver usually takes you on a fast ride towards the open sea. Some of these boats can really get to high speed. On the way you will see a small island that looks like a shoe. The locals call it the Shoe Island. As you boat zooms toward the open sea, on the other side you will see "Kilim Geoforest Park" written on large white metallic letters on the cliffs.

The Fish Farm at Kilim Geoforest Park

The Fish Farm is located at the Floating Restaurant along the Kilim River of Langkawi Island. This activity was part of the Mangrove Tour . The fish farm is the last stop of the mangrove tour. At this farm, tourists can expect to see huge stingrays, horseshoe crabs and the spectacular archer fish .


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