Monkey feeding , Kilim Geopark Lankawi


As the boatman brings the boat close to the shore, large number of monkeys appear from nowhere expecting peanuts to be thrown to them. The guide actually carries a bag full of peanuts and hands it over to the passengers to feed the monkeys. Don't be surprised if some of the monkeys come on board the boat in excitement. They reach no harm though .

Just after crossing over onto the island you’ll see monkey carvings overlooking the mangroves. Inside those mangroves are hundreds of  monkeys , is a great place to observe local wild life and is also where monkeys come out of their natural habitat to greet travelers and perhaps eat some of their food . From coke to bananas, these crazy monkeys would eat almost anything whether it is on the beach or in the water. Throw some bananas in the water and you might end up being surprised with how fast the monkeys swim to get them .

To the joy of the tourists.  They are usually accompanied by their mums, so be careful, as they might become aggressive when trying to play with their offsprings. You should know that feeding wildlife is usually forbidden and only feed the monkeys bananas, not Coke or or other weird drinks, as these are toxic and harmful .


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