The Fish Farm at Kilim Geoforest Park , Langkawi


The Fish Farm is located at the Floating Restaurant along the Kilim River of Langkawi Island. This activity was part of the Mangrove Tour . The fish farm is the last stop of the mangrove tour. At this farm, tourists can expect to see huge stingrays, horseshoe crabs and the spectacular archer fish .

The farm was not huge but it was enough for us to see all the big fishes around , Once we reach there was a guy guide and started to showed us around the farm .

Then the guide brought us to the Stingray area , and all the rays seems like waiting at the site , Then the guide started to feed them with pieces of fish and he overturn the body and showed us where is the mouth located . The stingrays are huge. Tourists are allowed to touch the fish and the feeling is somehow slimy . The face of the stingray looks similar to a human face , scary.

There is a separate section where many types of fish are kept in water tanks. There are fish shows for the guests . You too can feed and stroke them if you so like. Other fishes include Archer fish, electric eels etc .

Live Seafood from fish farm as Our Lunch

We decide to have lunch at fish farm and they provide us with fresh seafood .


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